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Matt Cowley about over 7 years ago

Hi folks. To kick off our new station blog, I thought I'd point out a couple of ways you can use that you may not have known about.


If you want to make sure you never miss your favorite news, public affairs, or arts show, you can subscribe to the podcast to get new shows automatically downloaded to your computer or mp3 player.

Playlist feed

Can't stand not knowing what songs we're playing? Sign up for the WMNF twitter feed; you can get playlist updates automatically via email, sms, IM, or some other acronym.

Daily playlists

Heard a song Tuesday but you're not sure what show it was on? You can see the playlists for entire days here. It'll start with today, but put a different date in the box to look into the past. Unfortunately we're not able to provide future playlists yet.

Thanks for listening to WMNF!

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