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Free Book: Rebooting Democracy

Matt Cowley about over 6 years ago

The Personal Democracy Forum has released a book of essays on politics in the digital age:

The Internet is putting individual voters, and networks of activists, in positions that used to be the sole reserve of professionals. Today anyone can be a reporter, a fundraiser or a community organizer; all it takes is an Internet connection and a compelling message. And so we wondered: as the Internet revolution hits the institutions of American democracy, how might it change things for the better?

You can read the book for free online, or buy a dead-tree copy.

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I am sure this will fall on deaf ears as the content of WMNF's shows and the quality of it's hosts have fallen off the map. I am not surprised WMNF is falling on hard times b/c anyone with two brain cells can see that all it takes is a heart beat and a mouth to get a radio show. First of all we don't live in a Democracy. Go find a copy of The Constitution and find the word democracy....even once. We live in a Republic and elect our officials to represent us in all domestic affairs. Secondly, my wife and I are quite generous and donate to both local and national charitable organizations. After hearing Mobili Ogun's show I have decided not to donate the annual $500 to WMNF and will never give another dime to a show which is not only full of blatant misrepresentations, but outright disinformation. OpEd pieces are fine, but you cannot expect anyone who is rooted in fact to respect your shows if this is the kind of malarkey you are going to broadcast. I have no problem with differing views and welcome it, but after spending 10 minutes listening to Mobili it was clear he has no interest or ability to speak on any issue intelligently. Blaming the Electoral College as a form of racism is just hysterical.