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Pledge to Vote, Get a Free Song

Matt Cowley about over 6 years ago

Wilco is offering a free song download if you'll sign a pledge to vote this year:

And in the spirit of giveaways that seem to be sweeping the nation, we've got something free for you. No it's not a pile of cash (sorry) but rather an audio postcard of sorts from a summer's night in Oregon with our friends the Fleet Foxes & a lovely Bob Dylan tune. All we ask is you check the "I pledge to vote in the 2008 Election" button below.

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More than ever

This will be my first vote in a presidential election, and I really think this could be the most important vote of my lifetime. I'm 20 years by the way and I think it's a shame that people don't vote in this country, it's an even bigger shame when they vote republican....


At the risk of dating myself, my first act of political import was to act as a poll watcher for George McGovern in the 1972 presidential campaign - I was only 14, and not yet old enough to vote, but I was already a conservationist, and old enough to realize that the country was better off without four more years of Nixon. This time it is even more important that we all get out there and vote. We have watched over the past three decades as administration after administration has systematically looted the treasury and our nation's economy, but none have approached the level of criminality and sheer audacity of the Bush-Cheney administration. It is time to take our nation back from the criminals. McCain's stated platform is difficult to differentiate from the failed policies of the Bush administration, which we can ill-afford, even without a $700 billion giveaway. And, his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate proves that his environmental stance is no better . . . as Governor of Alaska, she approved $250,000 to encourage the killing of wolves and bears from the air, including a propoisal to pay a $150 bounty for the forelegs of the wolves shot as a result. This is sound environmental policy??? Puh-leeze. I would still rather vote for Kucinich, but Obama has my vote in this election, as there is simply no one else at this point who has a chance of beating McCain. And so, whomever you plan to vote for - whether you agree with me or disagree entirely - get out there and vote, because WE THE PEOPLE must make our voices heard!!! BTW - I also made my pledge to WMNF today, and I encourage you to do the same. We need to keep our one independent radio station solidly on the air for many years to come. Peace in 2008!!!


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