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Truth Invaders

Matt Cowley about over 6 years ago

Fed up with bent facts from either side of the campaign? Shoot 'em down with a nice game of Truth Invaders

via Kung Fu Monkey

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Truth Invaders

Now Truth Invaders is one great game. Won the very first game I played. Sending link to my friends. Thanks, Kung Fu Monkey and WMNF for providing the link. Ron

Amendment 2 Lies

There is a scoundral-lawyer running about the state telling people that the Supreme Court has already ruled that Amendment 2 doesn't affect anything but Gays getting married. He's a liar. He knows he's a liar. All the Supreme Court has done is reviewed the language of the ballot issue and determined that it fairly puts a single question before the public--limiting marriage and substantially equivalent relationships. As a matter of law, the Supreme Court is not allowed to pass on the substance of ballot initiative for constitutional change . The very purpose of empowering the people, through the ballot, to change the Constitution would be undermined if judge got to pre-judge the substance of a change. Judges are not allowed to pass on what such ballot changes do, since the changes are meant to be binding on the judges themselves. Justices only look to see if the language is fairly put to the public. More importantly, American constitutional law requires that court only hand down opinions when a real a case with a real controversy is before it. The notion is that courts are better when they deal with realities rather than with hypothetical questions. Clearly, since this proposed amendment language is not yet effective, the Florida Supreme Court cannot have ruled on its meaning in the thousands of conflict it may have with other laws. The lawyer promoting Amendment 2 knows all of this and is still going around the state telling people that the Supreme Court has already ruled on the substance of Amendment 2's language. That's a lie. If he told that lie to a client he'd be committing malpractice. If he told that lie to a judge, he be subject to sanction by the Florida Bar and the Supreme Court itself. Constitutional provisions trump statutes. Other statutes do not. Putting this language into the Constitution is not the same as having a statutory ban on Gay marriages, especially since the "substantially equivalent" language is grafted on. My God, have you ever heard two more lawyer-weasel words than "substantially equivalent?" Those two words are open invitation to lawyers to collect legal retainers to seek clarification in court of the meaning of those two words. This proposal ought to be called "The Rightwing, Fundamentalist-Lawyer Full Employment Act. I happen to hold the old fashion view that we ought build our laws around the national values set down by the founders, including that all citizens are created equal and are owed equal protection under the law. When we go about creating classes of Americans and apportioning different rights between them, we ought have a pretty strong rational relationship between the discriminatory laws and some important public welfare purpose. I don't think such public welfare purpose is present to justify discriminating against gays; but if I did, I'd still vote against the extended consequences of this poorly drawn constitutional proposal. From the viewpoint of all Floridians, including homophobes, the collateral consequences should kill this bad proposal The liar offends me. But the constitutional change scares the heck the heck out me.