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Free Air Time For Candidates

Rob Lorei about over 6 years ago

WMNF is offering free air time to candidates who are on the November 4th ballot. Any candidate who is on the ballot in a national, state or local race may record an announcement for up to 90 seconds telling our audience about their candidacy, why they are running, the issues in their race, how people can contact their campaign and why they are better than their opponent. The messages will be played on this radio station tomorrow (October 30th) between 1 and 2 pm. The number to call is 813 238 8001 x115. Again WMNF is offering free air time for candidates on the November 4th ballot. If you are a republican, a democrat, green, libertarian, independent or other you are welcome to call. And record a 90 minute statement. The number to call is 813 238 8001 x115. We do require that the candidates themselves record the announcement. Again the number is 813 238 8001. We’ll play the candidate’s announcements Thursday October 30th between 1 and 2pm.

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Thanks for having Ralph Nader on WMNF. I did not know he was coming to TAmpa until the day he arrived. I wish that as a community radio station, we might hear a little more of these types of appearances. This wonderful person has dedicated his life to our independence, which we often squander. I appreciate the Ecology Party sponsoring him in Florida and hope that we will see more of this kind of debate on an even larger scale. I enjoy some of the call-in shows which specialize in alternative views. I am proud that one of my Republican friends said that I just don't like anyone "popular!"