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Hear Former Tampa Tribune Columnist Dan Ruth Today at 1:05PM on WMNF

Rob Lorei about over 6 years ago

One of the most well-known writers at the Tribune, Dan Ruth, was laid off this week. He joins WMNF's Rob Lorei today to talk about the layoff, the newspaper industry and local politics.

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Thank you for having Daniel Ruth. He is a favorite columnist and speaker of both my mother and me. We've had to track him down when he changed radio stations, so I hope we might get him as a regular on WMNF.

Love Daniel Ruth

I'm with Tina. I thought WMNF and Daniel Ruth would be a perfect fit and that you would be announcing his arrival in your lineup. Daniel Ruth was the very reason why I voted for Phyllis Busansky and Kevin Beckner. His presence in political circles and then reporting to us citizens in his humorous way was one of the reasons I read the newspaper. What do we do now? How else can we find out that Brian Blair is a dillweed or that the Glazers are taking us for a ride? This is very upsetting to most of us who relied on Dan for the truth.

Trib loses its sanity

Daniel Ruth was one of few voices of reason and sanity at the Tampa Trib. So the Trib and JP Morgan Chase are outsoucing jobs to India? Are people in India buying the Trib, credit cards and GM trucks? Why not? There are not many job ads in the Trib, but lots of editorials endorsing John McCain, lecturing us poor people about "personal responsibility" and what "idiot liberals" we are for not wanting to send our money to Iraq. Can't imagine why young and poor people aren't buying the trib.


Hopefully some smart media outlet will pick Daniel Ruth up quickly and put this voice back on the air. This town (and country) really need more journalists like Ruth. It may not be a newspaper that meets these needs in the future, though. Hey Daniel, want to write something for We don't have much money but we'd love to have a voice like yours on our site.