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389 Years

Matt Cowley about over 6 years ago

Speaking of visualizations, here's some interesting historical perspective.

Inspired by the genuine progress of this country, I created this typographic mashup of the history of slavery, racism, and the progress of African Americans.

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another fact correction

This link will tell you that "61 years ago the first African American is accepted into Major Leage Baseball," referring, of course, to Jackie Robinson's rookie year of 1947. However, Robinson was not the 1st African-American major leaguer; he was the 3rd. In 1884, the Toledo Blue Stockings joined the American Association, which was a Major League from 1882-1891. They had a catcher named Moses Fleet Walker. He was black. Fleet's brother, Welday, also played briefly for the team that year. The Toledo club folded that season and neither of the Walker brothers ever made it back to the majors.