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reasons to be thankful

Randy Wynne about over 6 years ago

On the Wednesday 11/26 Morning show I read a list of reasons for me to thankful this year. A few listeners have asked me to post the list. - Randy Wynne (

I am thankful for:

The confusion I feel about what to do with my life
Because that means I have choices

The piles of dirty laundry, stacks of newspapers, and dishes in the sink
Because that means my family is near and has been reading, eating and being active

The people who complain about something they heard on WMNF,
Because it means they care and that we're making a difference.

All the people who complain about the government
Because that means we have free speech

My huge electric bill
Because that means I have stayed cool all summer

The flecks of grey in my hair and lines on my face
Because that means I've already lived a reasonably long life

The traffic jams I sometimes get stuck in
Because that means I have somewhere I want to be

The repair and paint jobs that need to get done around my house
Which means I have a home

The long conservative era
Because it has made people hungry for the progressive era that has finally arrived

The little physical aches and pains I sometimes feel
Because they help me not take for granted the good health I have enjoyed all my life

The alarm that wakes me out of a nice sleep early in the morning
Because it makes me know I am alive and have things to do

The mess to clean up after Thanksgiving dinner
Because it means I have been with family and friends.

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I'm thankful we still get to listen to the best little radio station on planet earth. :)

I'm thankful for being part of a band that plays music I love, with guys I love being with, a girl that loves me for who and what I am, warts and all, a job working at a guitar shop, doing what I love...I am truly blessed and I know it, i give thanks daily.

I am thankful for...

all our wonderful WMNF Listener-Supporters! You make all this possible!


I'm thankful for all the cool independent business owners around. You all add character and uniqueness to our area!

Thankful for...

I am thankful that Randy took the time to jot down (and share) his thoughtful, thought-provoking reasons for being thankful! It's things like these that really make my day.

thankful for

I am thankful Obama won the election so we wont have Sarah Palin as VP I am also thankful I heard the name of Ralph Nadar introduced before he spoke on MNF at 12:26 so I COULD TURN THE RADIO OFF before i had to listen to that man...please Ralph just GO AWAY

After 8 long years...

I can finally shout: I LIVE IN A BLUE STATE!!!!!!!!