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WMNF's Chief Engineer Honored for Charity Work

Matt Cowley about over 6 years ago


WMNF's Chief Engineer, Bill Brown, was featured on Channel 28's "Positively Tampa Bay" for the work he and his wife Sherri do each year, organizing the Cookson Hills Toy Run. Bill and Sherri collect toys for needy children in 17 area schools. Then local bikers and auto enthusiasts deliver them, in a parade that last year involved 500 motorcycles and 350 cars, dune buggies and hot rods.

The Cookson Hills Toy Run takes place Sunday, Dec. 7 at 1 p.m., starting at Veterans Memorial Park on Hwy 301. Details are at Bill Brown was recently honored for his work in the community by the Hillsborough County Veteran's Council.

Here's a link to the Channel 28 feature. Click on Cookson Hills Toy Run to see the video.

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True local heroes

Not only is Bill Brown a brilliant engineer, but he and his wife Sherri are the most kind souls you'll ever meet. Figure this would be the case with WMNFers....and it underscores the caliber of folks at this station. Thanks, Bill and Sherri for all you do!