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Program Guide Changes

Laura Taylor about over 6 years ago

Hi, Laura Taylor, here...Development Director AND editor of the WMNF Program Guide we've reversioned for online and renamed The Link, WMNF's eGuide. We are no longer mass printing and mailing The can download it here. In it you'll find a touching tribute to Vicki Santa, a fond rememberance of Dark Horizons, a look at new programmers and more! I want to hear your me at Thanks for supporting WMNF!

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Love it but I have a computer

This is great, green and paperless - I just hope that those older listeners (or non-tech inclined youngsters) who did not request online Link can still get a print out of it somewhere, somehow. Hate to disenfranchise the luddites or tech puritans or those who just plain can't afford it (could be me soon!)

I had trouble displaying it on my Mac. Couldn't read most of the text in stories.