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Who are you supporting in the race for St. Pete Mayor?

Sean Kinane about over 6 years ago

Here's a story you heard on the WMNF Evening News (Wed February 4th).

Who are you supporting in the race for St. Pete Mayor? Post a response!

This week, the crowded race for Mayor of St. Petersburg lost two potential big-name candidates. Pinellas County Commissioner Ken Welch and state Representative Rick Kriseman, both Democrats, announced on Monday that they would not run for the nonpartisan position of St. Pete Mayor.

City Council member Jamie Bennett acknowledged to WMNF this afternoon that his campaign could benefit from those two not being in the race:

“Ken Welch and Richard Kriseman: very good friends of mine. … I appreciate their timely response to this because I did kind of plead behind the scenes with them that, you know, if this did go on to July, it would kind of hamper the campaigns. … For my campaign, I have to be upfront with you, it’s very important, you know, because those votes are very similar to the votes I would have to fight for."

The primary election is September 1st.

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