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Thanks for the support!

mfox about about 6 years ago

Hey Overnight Undergrounders:

As a brand new show we were a little concerned about our fundraising capabilities, but thus far our listeners have been GREATLY supportive. We're already a third of our way to our goal for this upcoming fundraiser, and it hasn't even officially started yet!

Thanks so much to those who have supported us and WMNF (Community Radio Rocks!). We're trying something totally new in this time slot, and thus far response has been great, but we need you to please spread the word and keep reinforcing to your friends that in an age of corporately dominated media, and a tough economy, WMNF is really on the ropes while it's needed more than ever.

So keep listening, tell your friends, and if you haven't pledged already, just the cost of a stinkin corporate fast food meal that's killing us all anyway would be great. Of course, far be it from us to refuse something larger. ;)

Since everyone on the internet can stream our show right here at 24 hours a day, we're not worried about touching those folks who normally aren't up at 1am on a Tues morn. But if you have friends who work 3rd Shift and can listen to the radio -- cabbies, convenience store workers, etc -- please let them know a revolutionary alternative is now available in Tampa Bay, and encourage them to call in and let us know what the "working folk" of Tampa Bay want to hear.


Michael Fox Executive Producer Overnight Underground

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