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WMNF listeners and programmers= INCREDIBLE fundraising

Laura Taylor about over 6 years ago

Thank You!!! Contrary to some things that have been written locally, WMNF continues to raise more money in less time than 99% of community and public radio stations out there. We chose not to extend our fund drive beyond a few hours in order to make our minimal "must have" goal. We honor our commitment to our listeners to do what we can do in the time allotted.We also want to honor our listeners by not pre-empting the things that they count on when listening to WMNF, except during the last hours of the drive. That means programs starting on time, among other things. If this seems like what you would prefer, let us know now by pledging. I have seen the dark end of this street elsewhere in radio....Month long fund drives!!! Low pledge fulfillment.. lack of audience because they have been chased away. NOT at WMNF. Make no mistake, I'm not spinning.. We ARE too close to the vest. We've already made cuts this year and hope to not have to make more. That is why we are encouraging you to go to the tip jar on our home page and make a pledge in honor of your favorite show or shows. I especially ask you to do this if you have not already pledged multiple times this fund drive or other fund drives. We can't possibly have the support we need from the people who always come through for us. Also please come to our events and maybe make a donation there. (For instance, the Amy Goodman event on Monday at the Marshall Center-USF,or, the lunch with Amy on Monday sponsored by WSLR in Sarasota which co-benefits WMNF)) As of Friday afternoon, April 3rd, we are still $34,412.86 away from our overall goal,$473,000, which we hope to raise over the internet, in the mail or at events in the next few weeks. Some facts: As of Friday, we have raised $438.588.14!!! The last day and a half, we raised $135,521.88..Incredible!!! That means people do respond to shorter drives. It also means they prefer "local and live" programming as our new T-shirt says. And, for the record, WMNF does better fund raising off of music and news/public affairs programming than just about anyone, anywhere!! There is widespread news that music audiences have declined in public radio, which is true. Many stations have jettisoned their music programs because of it. Others shut their fund drives down at 7pm, convinced it is not worth trying to raise money on local music programs. Yet at WMNF, our volunteers raise consistently three times as much money as music programmers elsewhere, even in the wee small hours of the night. So,no need for us to run old episodes of the Lawrence Welk Show on this station (except if Charlie Parker was sitting in)!!! You tell us every day that our programmers rock. Tell a friend to help us roll, and if all else fails, do it yourself.. Please keep up your tremendous amazing support which will keep us the best station you can ever find on the radio dial. Jim Bennett Station Manager 813-238-8001, ext 126 The Tip Jar needs you!!!

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