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Miss the Amy Goodman speech? Get the audio!

Matt Cowley about about 6 years ago

A message from station manager Jim Bennett:

As we move closer to our fund drive goal everyday with your online donations in our tip jar, we want to introduce a new thank you gift for those of you who can make a $50.00 or more pledge to WMNF.

Amy Goodman’s talk for WMNF on Monday evening April 6th at the USF Marshall Center was an incredible event and well supported. We know that some of you were able to attend and others were not. We are offering you a cd of her speech for a $50.00 pledge.

Perhaps you were able to attend but want a friend to hear Amy’s talk. Perhaps you wanted to attend but couldn’t. This is great way to continue to support WMNF or give an additional donation. Perhaps you are a big fan of both the station and Democracy Now and didn’t get a chance to contribute during our Spring Fund Drive, which fell short of where we need to be.

Each pledge makes a difference to WMNF and if you appreciate the difference that Amy Goodman continues to make in Community Radio, pledge online and ask for the Amy Goodman cd. You can also call our business office Monday thru Friday between 9 and 5pm at 813-238-8001 and pledge for the speech by Amy.

Thanks for your support of WMNF!! Keep us “Local and Live!!!”

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