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WMNF Peace Awards: Peacemakers Honored, Amy Goodman to Host, Steve Earle to Perform

Laura Taylor about almost 6 years ago

The WMNF Peace Awards will be a very special evening! The WMNF Peace Awards are designed to honor those who have made great strides and efforts in the areas of human rights, social and economic justice, the environment and non-violence.

Please join us as we honor Lou and Karen Putney and the late Susan Hussey with the first-ever WMNF Peace Legacy Award

We have also nominated the following individuals in these categories: Peace & Freedom Faith Fippinger, Peace Activist; Becky Steele, Regional Executive Director, ACLU; Kelly Benjamin, Independent Journalist and Activist

Peace & Justice Coalition of Immokalee Workers & Lucas Benitez; Linda Moreno, Attorney for Sami al-Arian; Melva Underbakke, Social Justice Advocate Rev. Warren Clark,FUSE; Davida Johns, Pro-Nica;

Peace, Love & Understanding Ahmed Bedier and Sammar Jarrah, True Talk; Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!; Connie May Fowler, author

Peace & Humanity Nadine Smith, Equality Florida; Rev. Bruce Wright, Advocate for the Homeless; Freedom Playground Foundation and Stefani Busansky; Linda A. Osmundson, Executive Director, CASA; Little Red Wagon Foundation; Anna Rodriguez, Founder, Florida Coalition Against Human Traffiking; Dr. Kiran C. Patel and Center for Global Solutions

Special Merit Award - Community Tampa Bay

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, who is up for an award, will serve as the evening's emcee. Additionally, we're thrilled Steve Earle will make an appearance and perform for a half-hour. All this and dinner, too!

The WMNF Peace Awards Saturday, August 29, 2009 6-9pm Maestro's at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, 1010 North W.C. MacInnes Place Tampa, Florida 33602

This is a fundraiser: All proceeds benefit WMNF.

Tickets, $75 Tables of 10, $600 You'll be able to order on-line soon, or call Laura Taylor at (813) 865-8260 to get your tickets today!

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Are You Kidding?

I can personally attest that Ahmed Bedier is an anti-Semite. There was an info packet about his terrorist leanings sent to every member of the Florida House of Representatives. Additionally Sami al Arian was only let go because what he did wasn't illegal when he did it. Yet everyone seems to ignore that he was getting money to people who used it to buy bombs and bullets to kill Jews. These awards are absurd, outside of the UN and Nobel Peace prizes.

Supporting Terrorists = Peace?

So according to WMNF those who support terrorists are supporting peace? I guess in the twisted minds of terrorists and their supporters, the success of the jihadists' final solution will bring about peace. I'm glad to see that WMNF has revealed where it stands in the war of terror vs. innocent civilians. Hope they'll understand that in doing so they've proclaimed themselves my enemy.

oh please

Please provide evidence that Ahmed has "terrorist leanings" without resorting to propoganda filled websites using the "anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who might be a terrorist IS a terrorist" silliness that seems to dominate this kind of discussion. In my experience, Ahmed is the kind of guy who repects all religions and condemns violence from all sides. Trying to support Muslim American understanding does not make one a terrorist.

I Wish I Could Afford To Attend

Looks like a great event. Sorry I can't afford the $75 to attend. Good luck with it. BTW: who votes on the nominees? Do the winners get a prize? For what its worth, I vote for Becky Steele, Warren Clark, Davida Johns, Ahmed & Sammar, and Kiran Patel.


What a great event! honoring the peacemakers! Congratulations to everyone who is connected to this event. And in particular those who have spent a lifetime working to make the planet more peaceful, raising awareness, giving us all hope. When we look around at all the anger, we NEED to be reminded that there is another way.