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Kill Grandma? The Entire Text Of The Health Reform Bill

Rob Lorei about almost 6 years ago

Do the research yourself. Is it as bad as critics say?

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Thank You For The Link

Rob: Greetings! Thank you for posting this link. I was just about to research what the link was to be bill myself. So perfect timing for me regarding your posting. This is very needed. We need to be doing our own research on the Health Care Bill and be very familiar with it in order to know exactly what is in and what is not in the bill and be able to counter people that are disseminating false information regarding this bill in specific and health care in the USA in general. False information being disseminated thru the media ragarding Health Care Reform has quickly become a serious problem, at least in the short term. Important! Thank you for your service. Mark S.

Doesn't anyone think there is something fundamentally wrong with this concept of publishing a bill that is so large and complex that neither the people nor our representatives will take the time to read & understand it?

Health Care,A Right -Simple Bill

Why can't there just be a bill that says health care is a right in the USA? Health Care and Corporations are an unhealthy mix. Corporations have a duty to make maximum profits for their investors. Corporations don't have a duty to their "customers" or workers. Is Health Care meant to be a business or a service?

Public Option

Hi Rob, I agree with Joanne... but... No bills or laws are written so that the common man can read and understand them... none. Do they need to be??? YES... but they are not; so why try to start with the health care bill? This particular part of the argument should have been raised decades ago... and on tax reform (1000 volumes)... not health care reform (just 1000 pages). I would like to know why everyone seems to be backing away from the Public Option (the ability to choose between a Public Plan or a Private Plan)??? I absolutely support Health Care Reform but only if the Public Option is part of it. When did the "freedom of choice" fall out of favor with the majority of the republic???