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WMNF Open House for Our New HD2 and Bulls Radio!

Laura Taylor about almost 6 years ago

We’re inviting you to an open house this Friday from 1 to 2pm to celebrate the debut of “Bulls Radio” on WMNF HD 2! Bulls Radio is the student station of the University of South Florida in Tampa.

In the first partnership of its kind, Bulls Radio will be broadcast over the HD2 airwaves of WMNF beginning September 5th and heard all over the Tampa Bay Area and online at wmnf dot org.

If you’ve got a digital radio, you can hear WMNF like normal – plus Bulls Radio right next door. Check out our HD page if you’ve got questions.

And tune in this Friday, when Bulls Radio, located at USF, will broadcast live from the WMNF Studios as well! Tune in for the fun, or come to the station at 1210 East Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard.

You can also listen to HD2 Bulls Radio online here.

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Underground Railroad Reborn?

Thanks to WMNF for providing a broadcast venue to USF student radio in the form of Bulls Radio. Over 35 years ago when I attended USF there was a great student run radio known as the Underground Railroad with Brock Whaley and other volunteers playing eclectic progressive rock. Unfortunately some of their tastes ran afoul of the USF administration, particularly the ballad by Jamie Brockett called the "The True Legened of the Titanic" a satirical and irreverant celebration of among other things hemp. Despite being warned not to play such controversial selections, and having a perhaps misplaced faith in the 1st Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech persisted in playing what they wanted. The USF administration made good on their threats and terminated the Underground Railroad and transferred the record collection to the university library for circulation. The ashes of the Underground Railroad provided fertile ground for the birth of WMNF, so it is entirely fitting that WMNF host Bulls Radio as the free expression of student culture at USF.

Underground Railroad Survivor

My name is David Hunter, known as the 'Orange Freak'. I was the first jock on the Underground Railroad. Program Director David Dial, myself, and Bobby Stoner had a meeting where we talked about the name for an expanded format for what I had been already been doing--playing new rock albums in the afternoon on a daily basis over WUSF. The previous shows I had done had been called 'Accent on Contemporary' and then 'Accent on Progressive'. I had kept obnoxiously pushing the management to play only albums--Doors, Hendrix, Joplin, the Can, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, David Bowie, Tim Hardin..on and on.. and to get rid of the Top 30 or Top 40 music all the AM stations played. My late afternoon shows were called 'The Progressive (Rock) Scene'. Out of the meeting came the name The Underground Railroad. We debuted the Underground Railroad as the most powerful student run FM Stereo station after receiving a federal grant to put in stereo control boards, tape machines, stereo cartridges, and a new FM stereo transmitter at about 90,000 watts from the tallest tower in the Tampa Bay Area. I was on the air as the leading jock for a couple of years. Brock Whaley used to listen to my show in the afternoon while he was a high school student and would call with his 'Mason Jar' local AM disk jockey parody which I decided to put on the air one afternoon when he phoned in. He became a member of 'club' when he graduated and showed up at the studios where a couple of us jocks took him under our wings. I ended up working for about 12 radio stations and a couple of television stations. Worked as a television and radio reporter. Just spent over 7 years in Mexico and now live in Vienna, Austria.

HD Radio is a farce!

I remember the Railroad

UR was my introduction to David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Traffic, J Geils Band and many more that didn't get air play on mainstream radio. One of my regrets is that I didn't tape the shows.


I have very fond memories of the train whistle introduction to The Underground Railroad radio show. That signaled the start of great music on the FM dial at 89.7 . It was a great deal of fun listening to fm radio at that time. Bring back the fun, and spontanious nature that existed then, and you will have captured something special. Good luck, and happy listening!


In reality, the Underground Radio was taken off the air one night by the student DJs themselves, before the administration could pull the plug.

Hey David Where Are You?

Wow I have tried to locate you David for as long as I have had a computer and internet access ! I hope you will post again and and find me on Facebook under Karen Rushing, Asheville, NC. I remember you like it was yesterday, the funniest guy I ever met. I hope you are doing story is very long but it is finally very good. I still laugh about the ode to the sheriff you guys wrote and sang on the radio. I would love to talk to you - take care, Karen


Karen, I have thought often of you. I live in Vienna, Austria now.


grew up in the area. Love the UR first place I heard the Allman bros and Jamie Brockett, got off on fireside theater and the king biscuit flour hour. good stuff !!