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True Talk Hosts Early Marathon Show!

Laura Taylor about almost 6 years ago

True Talk---our weekly public affairs radio show focusing on the Muslim world, Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and American Muslims---discusses issues that impact the entire community. Now, True Talk is asking for your help in keeping that rare voice heard. Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah are holding their True Talk Marathon show early---this Friday, September 25---from 11am to noon. They’ll be out of town on Friday, October 2nd, so they are asking fans of the show to support True Talk during that one hour this Friday. They have a large goal of raising $8,000 in just one hour!

You don’t have to wait until Friday or any day to support True Talk. You can put your gift in the tip jar! True Talk's Tip Jar

You can call early, too, to make your pledge to True Talk at 813-238-8001. Ahmed and Sammar need to know you'll be there for them. Thanks for supporting True Talk on WMNF Community Radio!

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Development Director

And they made their goal! Dollars: $8,296.04 Total Calls: 110 New Circle Of Friends: 4 Dollar Total Circle Of Friends: $1,020.00

Thank you all

Thanks to all who help keep True Talk on the air...thank u volunteers too :)

True Talk

Thank you for True Talk - a moderate Muslim voice of reason and rational debate, amid the general sea of irrational rhetoric of misinformation and misperception, equating Muslims with terrorism.


Congratulations!!! Great job! That is a lot of money in a short hour...proves that you are appreciated and needed.

True Talk: The Fox News of WMNF?

I was truly dismayed by your host's comments on 12/25/09. Stating that some conservative U.S. Christian groups wish to foster a Jewish-only state in Israel, the host asked the guest if there was any other nation on Earth where such a thing existed and the guest mumbled a no. Oh really? How about Israel's neighbor Saudi Arabia, where the "official" religion is Islam and ALL citizens must be Muslim? Regardless of what some conservative Christians may wish, or the misinformation your show helps foster, Israel respects all faiths, and wishes only to be recognized as a nation by its neighbors. Shame on your WMNF. Our world needs more understanding, not less.