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Jimi Hendrix Tribute on The Dream Clinic

Dennis Stone about over 5 years ago

Its time for the yearly Dream Clinic Jimi Hendrix Show. We'll feature two hours of great Hendrix selections...some you haven't heard forever..some maybe never! Join in the fun Wednesday Dec. 2nd 7-9pm on The Dream Clinic.

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Jemi Hendrix: STILL A Guitar God!

It's been around '71*(R.I.P.) when the Brutha died and he is a fresh and relevant as ever. I still love Eddie Hazel of "Funkadelic"(R.I.P.)and Ernie Isley of "The Isley Brothers":two of his Moorish (so-called Afican-American)students who,in their repective heyday,introduced the lead guitar as a very important element in the creation of "funk-rock". Heck,even the cool white dudes will tell ya: Jemi Hendrix IS a guitar God! Props to "The Dream Clinic" for a great show...thanx for the memories! ~Peace @ Blessings from Yuhanna-AL