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Arlene Engelhardt to head Pacifica

Matt Cowley about over 5 years ago

from WMNF Station Manager Jim Bennett:

We are both excited and sad to hear of longtime volunteer Arlene Engelhardt’s ascendency to the Executive Director position at the Pacifica Foundation. Arlene is known to many of you as an important part of the Women’s Show on WMNF. She has also been crucial to our success as a station, with her institutional memory, adherence to our mission, organizational skills, and financial prowess. All of these skills will bode well for Pacifica, but have also made the Board of the Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation a very effective and important part of our growth and survival. She has been a great friend and supporter of our volunteers, staff, board and listeners and will be sorely missed. Her vision for WMNF has contributed greatly to our success. In the year I have been here, I have come to count on her for all kinds of help and advice related to the operation of the station. Any history of the station would have to include her significant and ongoing contributions.

Having spent 30 years with Pacifica, the source for all community radio and certainly for our mission here at WMNF, I’m in a unique position to comment on how I think Arlene can help this network get back on its feet, after years of struggle and turmoil. Arlene is a true radio person, and a central figure in community media. This is something that Pacifica has not had during most of the legal and financial troubles that have plagued the one-time leader in community radio for at least 10 years. We, as a strong community station, need a strong Pacifica. The whole country needs Pacifica to become whole. Arlene has the chance to accomplish much in her new role as Executive Director. It is an awesome task, but I believe Arlene is up for the challenge, for the sake of radio everywhere. WMNF is up for helping her in anyway that we can, in order to help her accomplish what needs to be done. I’ve applied to be on the Pacifica Board, as an affiliate director, because of my love for community radio and out of the bond of respect and gratitude I have for Arlene. She may move to Berkeley, California, but she will always have a home here at WMNF…a home that she is an essential part of!!! We will always reach out to her and the help she can continue to provide us as the leader of the Pacifica Foundation. We wish her every success, and are determined to help her revive the dream of Pacifica Radio. Thanks so much Arlene for everything you have done for WMNF and what you are about to do for Pacifica!!

Peace and Pacifica, one and the same!! Arlene and WMNF, inseparable !!!

Jim Bennett Station Manager WMNF

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Best Listener

You go, girl.XO


The first time I met Arlene, we started talking about title IX.From there Arlene started her volunteering, her voice has always been a strong force at WMNF. Arlene has given so much love, dedication and community spirit to WMNF. I will miss her deeply, as she heads WEST-however, she will be working hard at doing what she does best. Organizing. I wish you much luck, congratulations and peace to you always. XO -...Lindalu


Arlene: That's big big news. Congradulations to you and to Pacifica. They made a great choice! <hugs> and peace, John



Energizer Bunny

Those that know Arlene will know that this is one woman who has the energy of many. I am proud and impressed by Arlene's work ethic and her commitment to community radio, peace and justice. I wish her a successful venture, a happy life in Berkeley (perfect place for you)and much success in her new position. I look to Arlene as an example of a woman fulfilling all of her possibilities. I hope I can do the same in my life. xo Jaya Rose


Pacifica is blessed by receiving Arlene, as we listeners on WMNF have been truely blessed by her time with us. Thank you Arlene, and I wish you well.


Best wishes to you, Arlene. I have enjoyed so much all your contributions here.

Best Wishes Arlene!

Having had the opportunity to serve on the Board of the NBS Foundation alongside Arlene, I can attest to her strong capabilities. Arlene is very fair-minded and thoughtful, and will be a wonderful addition to Pacifica. WMNF will not be the same without you, but your legacy will always remain.

Congrats Arlene!

It has been such a privilege to enjoy your insights on the Women's Show all these years; I shall truly miss you. Hearty congratulations on this exciting are so perfect for this mission!


As a volunteer, Arlene was one of the folks I could consult to get alternative viewpoints. You have taught me much, and I am so grateful for your advice and friendship. You always displayed such strength & conviction when it came to the station. I wish you the best on your new journey. We will keep in touch. Much Love & respect.

good news

As a long time KPFA listener I was curious to learn Who is Arlene Engelhardt? The words of Jim Bennett are a strong recommendation and make me optimistic we can overcome the turmoil and make Pacifica stronger and better than ever. Great news!

A disaster for KPFA

She has laid off the Morning Show staff and many others today. This woman has been a disaster for KPFA! The station will skid downhill from here.... Please go back to Tampa!

1 of 5...

Much like President Obama… Arlene has to play the hand she was dealt… and drawing to an inside straight takes balls. Take your 3 cards and call her if you can…

Chief Whiner

PLEASE RECALL ARLENE ENGELHARDT TO WMNF. I am sure your station has popular shows , hosts and staff that you can save money on if only you have Arlene to show you the way to reorganize. Cutting some of your most profitable shows will give the others the room to step up to the plate with Arlene pitching. How have you been managing without her. Please you've been much to generous...

Not my yob...

And in the news today… Pacifica will layoff half of… wait a minute… my mic level is a little hot. I’ll just fill out this Work Request form (in triplicate) and get the Variable Volume Control Engineer down here to adjust it. What… he’s using half of his vacation time to take a six week cruise to Ouagadougou??? Well… let’s get the Volume Attribute Control Technician to do it. What do you mean “He's not qualified”??? Okay… can one of those UPSO’s handle it??? Yes… but the Shop Steward wants me to fill out this 14 page “Job Description Process Deviation Request” form (in triplicate)… no problem. You know what… if Pacifica knew just how efficiently a Union Shop was run… they would be hiring people instead of laying them off. Now, back to the news… Pacifica will layoff half…

What Qualified Arlene?

A programming background is great for an Executive Director, but it also takes the ability to make sound rather than rash decisions about budget (oh, it also helps to be able to have a grasp of tricky situations - doing your homework on the contracts before you lay off people would be a good start). Unless, of course, you're a stool pigeon... I wonder for whom?

Don't let her run WMNF

I can't believe this is the same person who had such an excellent show on WMNF. Running a show clearly does not qualify one to manage a station. She'll kill KPFA, the way it's looking now. When she's done, please don't let her come back to WMNF.

Support Arlene Engelhardt & Pacifica

I suspect some of these negative comments are part of the scheme by a few to de-rail some needed change here at KPFA. Also, many listeners have been disinformed -- the airwaves here (KPFA) are still largely controlled by the small gatekeeper group who doesn't want to share. Of course some in that group are excellent on the air! And that is important -- however, in a world where very little media is independent, working for a Pacifica that can't be bent to one interest or another is also important. That was the trouble in '99. If the polished gatekeeper staff really cared about Pacifica's mission, they'd be helping to train the volunteers who've stepped up to help instead of trashing them along with Arlene Engelhardt, who has begun to staunch the financial bleeding. To the extent the new Morning Show needs improving, it's partly because the corrupt segment of the union at KPFA have prevented more senior staff to help with the show as hosts. They have also convinced many listeners they represent most staff -- whereas they represent very few. It will take a little more time, but some of those attempting to leverage the whole network for their own ends will, through their own union contract, feel the justice they need to reap for this horrible harm they're causing.