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John Lennon remembered on The Freak Show this next Tuesday December 8, 2009 7-9 PM

Ed Greene about over 5 years ago


We will be celebrating John Lennons music on the next Freak Show on Tuesday December 8th with 2 hours of music from 7-9 PM. You can expect to hear many of his solo tunes as well as those Beatle classics, along with some covers and special songs dedicated from his friends.

What's your song suggestion?

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I'm sure you've already planned to play it and it would be great if you could tie it into Hard Rock's "Imagine there's no hunger" campaign. Bracelets (and I'm wearing one) are only a buck with all proceeds going to

Look at Me

I always admired that Lennon's first release (Plastic Ono Band) after the break up of the Beatles was a stripped down, raw, emotional and quite personal album. "Look at Me" is a quiet moment on the album were he reminds us that he is just a human like everyone else. That's how I like to remember him, rather than as the rock-diety.

Nice Choice

I always thought that release made such a powerful statement. still does......

Hear some Lennon an hour early

If you tune in to 88.5 FM an hour before the Freak Show, you may also hear some John Lennon today on the WMNF Evening News beginning at 6pm!

Great Show

and a great show it was.