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All Animal Songs on Jan. 6 Sonic Detour--Please Suggest Animal Songs Here

Duncan Strauss about over 5 years ago


On Jan. 6, we'll be doing a Talking Animals-oriented edition of the Sonic Detour--which mainly means: all animal songs!

The last time we did this, in June, it was a lot of fun, as we played tunes ranging from The Beatles' "Blackbird" to Tom Waits' "Army Ants" to Neko Case's "I'm An Animal."

We also got a bunch of terrific listener suggestions & requests.

We're hoping we'll get a bunch more for the Jan. 6 show, and we invite you to suggest animal songs--new or old, obscure or well-known--right here.


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How about King Crimson's "Elephant Talk"? Or Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog"?


Lone Rhinoceros, Adrian Belew

Four legged tunes

How about 'Kitty' from Presidents of The United States of America or 'Old King' from Neil Young and maybe 'Wild Horses' from the Stones?

Animal Songs

anything from Animal Collective, Wolf Parade, Poi Dog Pondering, Tigerstyle, Eagles Of Death Metal, Crooked Vultures, Arctic Monkeys, Cat Power, Deerhoof, Deerhunter, Grizzly Bear, Bear Vs. Shark, Band Of Horses, Minus The Bear, Modest Mouse, Pedro The Lion, or Super Furry Animals. Or any Eric Burden.

Talking Animals guy

Already some great suggestions! Thank you! And Scott, this is a very cool list--I think you've hit a lot of the animal BANDS, & maybe someday soon we'll do a show with that theme. For the next one, tho, we're focusing on animal SONGS. Please keep those cards & letters coming, everyone!

Woof Woof

If you haven't heard it, check out Man of the Hour from the new Norah Jones release.

Zoo Review

At The Zoo - Simon and Garfunkel Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul and Mary Jeremiah was a Bullfrog - ???? Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio Little White Dove- Jess Klein Monkey Man - Stones Blackbird - Beatles Poor Little Fish - Jayhawks tons of stuff from Neko Case - I'm an Animal, Magpie to the Morning, People Got Alotta Nerve What a great idea! I will be listening, animal lover to animal lover. Thanks Duncan!

Animal Songs

Octopusses' Garden - The Beatles Under the Sea - from "The Little Mermaid"

Here are some more!!

Here are some suggestions, Duncan: Rufus Thomas' Funky Chicken; Nina Hagen's Wau Wau; State of Bengal's Elephant Ride. Happy Holidays!!

Talking Animals guy

Thanks, Scott--I love these suggestions! And, Happy Holidays to you, too. I'm about to make a coupla requests under your post.

Some oddies but goodies

Christmas Reindeer by The Knife The Racing Rats by the Editors (are rats considered an animals?) Monkey on my Back by Client Dog Eat Dog by Adam Ant


Either "Lucifer Sam" by The Pink Floyd, "Octopus" by Syd or "The Dinosaur Song" by Drew Farmer! :)

The Puppy Song

The Puppy Song by Harry Nilson


God Gave Man All the of Slow Train Coming


and "The Baby Elephant Walk," isn't it Henry Mancini?

I'm a Doggie by Marvin Pontiac

I'm a Doggie by Marvin Pontiac

Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad

Christine Kane Great little folk song... check it out

Waltzing with Bears!!!!!!!!!

A forever favorite


Tommy the Cat (primus), Buzzards of Green Hill (Les Claypool's Frog Brigade, Birthday Pony (fugazi), Reptile (church), Pigs in Zen (Jane's Addiction), Porpoise Head (Porno for Pyros), Killer Wolf (Danzig), Fable of the Brown Ape (Nick Cave), Mexican Hairless (Toadies), Chameleon (Herbie Hancock), woodpecker from mars (faith no more), Tipping the Lion (Melvins), Cottonmouth (melvins), Snake (PJ Harvey)

from Denton TX

Slobberbone: Gimmie Back My Dog!

Wet Dream

How about playing 'Wet Dream'evidence benner by Kip Addotta?

horse, bird, wolf

Chestnut Mare (Byrds) ... White Bird (It's a Beautiful Day) ... Will the Wolf Survive (Los Lobos)

animals think they're pretty smart

shit on the ground see in the dark Talking heads - Animals (Fear of Music)

music lover

Three Little Birds- Bob Marley A Horse with no name- America Cat's in the cradle - Harry Chapin Black Dog- Nick Drake Moxica And the Horse-Vangelis