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"If" ~ A poem from Rosie Chittick, age 11

missjulie about over 5 years ago


If we figured out, the Earth was round

Then surely we can live in harmony

If we discovered that there were stars,

Then surely we can share peace among us

If we could relearn, that some things are bad,

Then surely we have no need to wage war

If we can sit, warm and contented

Than why must our friends be miserable?

If we could invent, the gyrocompass

Than why do we always lead in the wrong direction,

If we can be kind,

Then why do we choose to not be?

     - Rosie Chittick , age 11

This was written by the daughter of listener supporters & sent to WMNF (rec'd on 1-28-10). May our hearts be with the people of Haiti. Thanks to WMNF listeners who pledged in our Haitian donation drive on 1-15-10...Peace to all.

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Rosie for President in 2012

And This from a little girl. I vote to elect Rosie Chittick for president. There should be no problem having a child in the whitehouse, we just got rid of bush jr!


You got my vote, Rose!!

Beautiful !

suggestion: put Rosie's amazing poem on the next WMNF t-shirt . . . I'll pre-order one now, please.