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WMNF Goes to the Movies on the Tuesday Morning Show on Feb. 23 - the sequel

Marcie Finkelstein about over 5 years ago

I fought the flu, and the flu won. Sorry to only make it through the first hour of the show, but we'll pick up where we left off next week and add in the requests that came in yesterday before I had to cash it in.

So join me again on the next Tuesday Morning Show, February 23 (6-9am), to celebrate the songs that make movies memorable. We’ll hear tunes written for specific films and songs that have become identified with the movies that used them.

If there's a song that etched a film or a scene in your memory, feel free to add your suggestions and comments to the playlist.

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"songs that make movies memorable"

How about Meet Me in St. Louis? - I love the songs: "The Trolley Song" Music by Ralph Blane Lyrics by Hugh Martin Sung by Judy Garland (uncredited) and chorus & "The Boy Next Door" Music by Ralph Blane Lyrics by Hugh Martin Sung by Judy Garland (uncredited)




Neil Young's Philadelphia evloked such strong feelings at the end of the movie while the home movies played of Tom Hanks' character as a child. I can still feel them when I hear the song to this day.

A Man and A Woman

Theme song from A Man and A Woman - Haunting!

Bruce Springsteen



You hve my vote for Philadelphia, also really like Fried Green Tomatoes,Grayson Hugh, I'll Remember You, Beyond the Sea, Kevin Spacey, Simple Song of Freedom, The Mask, anything from Music from Chick Flicks, Ali soundtrack,Nine and a Half Weeks, You Can Leave Your Hat On, Big Chill,

Harold and Maude

Cat Stevens music is so strongly associated with this movie in my mind.

2 more of my favs

soundtrack from Stealing Beauty and The Talented Mr. Ripley

Movies and music

I should say up front that I find way too much music from movies and definitely feel that the music can elevate a movie to a different level if used correctly. I think of Say Anything with John Cusack everytime I hear Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes". Lots of 80's movies had great music - Remember "Danke Schoen" from Ferris Bueller? How about "Tiny Dancer" from that great scene in Almost Famous when they sing along on the bus? "These Days" from Jackson Browne sticks out from that movie Invincible about the Philadelphia Eagles. It goes without saying that Tarantino movies always have strange and cool music - I probably would never know the 5 6 7 8's if it wasn't for Kill Bill. Or what about "You Never Can Tell" when Uma and Travolta are dancing in Pulp Fiction? Also, my wife loves loves loves the soundtrack to the Mission. Looking forward to the show Marcie!

Garden State

I nearly forgot about Garden State! Everything on it is fabulous.