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WMNF is carrying the White House summit meeting on health care live right now

Rob Lorei about over 5 years ago

What do you think of the conversation? Who is making the best arguments? Is this a good use of WMNF's air time? What kind of health care system would you like to see here in the U.S.?

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Thanks for airing the conversation

I think this is a great use of your air time. I very much appreciate the opportunity to listen in as I work today. I dream of a single payer system where everyone gets what they need and if you are rich and want to use your money that way you can seek out more. This should be similar to education. Everyone can get a decent public school education but those who want can pay for their kids to go to private school.

single payer

Too bad the Dems and Republicans keep single payer health insurance off the table.

Post summmit call-in?

I think the coverage is great. I would love to have Rob Lorei moderate a call-in after the summit is over.

Health Care

There is no reason for citizens of the United States to lack health care because of inability to pay. Surely our elected representatives must see the need for universal care, paid for by taxes. In order to drive, we have to have auto insurance. In order to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we must have health care. Thank you for this opportunity to share my opinion.


Our Health Care Plan should consist of the following principles: 1) Thoughtful legislation to eliminate waste and fraud in medicare 2) Thoughtful tort reform to reduce frivolous law suites, and 3) Adoption of a medicare for all health care system. To further help pay fro the small anticipated cost increase of medicare for all, bring to a rapid close the illegal and criminal wars and coups, worldwide.

Quality vs. Profit

Rob, you asked, why would you trust the public option as opposed to the private business plan: The public option focuses on SERVICE and its QUALITY. Private business focuses on, "Does it make MONEY, and, How can I get a bigger PROFIT?" Public Option - Medicare for all with "insurance companies" being out of the picture would increase quality. This is a fake debate - the presumption from the beginning is that private insurance will provide the "care". Sorry, I don't want such "care".

Care in Englad vs. U.S.

My cousin recently visited me here in the Tampa Bay area. He’s an American and was raised here in St. Pete, but has lived in England for the past 15 years and was touting the excellent health care system there. He’s amazed by how backwards our health care system is in the U.S., and was disappointed to learn that a single payer system won’t even be discussed by Obama and Congress. One thing I didn’t realize is that the National Health System in England is slowly being privatized since the Thatcher administration in the mid-80s. Thus, I wonder if they’re going to end up with our crappy style of health care system over time. Probably not, because the English wouldn’t stand for it.

God Bless America

I have good idea lets have our tax money payoff(BUY out)all the senators republicans or undercover republican call them self democrat., that way we could compete with the money lobbyists paying them. And we could swing the votes to single payer system. At the And god bless America!


My Relatives in Europe come here for any medical care that is not routine. The system needs to be tweaked not totaled. I'm an RN who used to work at the VA and can promise you, YOU DO NOT WANT THE GOVERNMENT OVER INVOLVED IN YOUR HEALTH CARE !!!!!