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Hoaxes and Escapes this Sunday night on The Source

cowley about about 5 years ago


Tune in to a full-cast production of Fake, by Oscar-winning writer Eric Simonson - this Sunday night at 7 on The Source.

Being human means being constantly torn between the desire for certainty and a passion for mystery. The "Piltdown Man" exploited both.

This week on L.A. Theatre Works, journalists and scientists try to uncover the most famous archaeological hoax in history. The "Piltdown Man" was a skull created from a medieval human cranium and an orangutan jaw that fooled leading scientists of its era. The fabrication fuels Simonson's drama about deception - sexual and scientific — and faith - religious and scientific. Everyone's a suspect, including Sherlock Holmes author, Arthur Conan Doyle.

Tune in to L.A. Theatre Works this Sunday night at 7 on The Source - 88.5 HD3 on a digital radio, or online at

And stay tuned at 9 p.m. for the beautifully wild and beautifully weird world of Joe Frank. This week, catch Escape From Paradise.

The trucking of illegal immigrants into the U.S. leads to imprisonment at a liberal arts lock-up. An escape to Mexico leads to spiritual anointing.

Joe Frank's unmistakable voice is known throughout the world - and now in Tampa Bay. Check out his website -

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