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Pirate radio in London

Matt Cowley about about 5 years ago

Great documentary about pirate radio in London, from the first station on a decommissioned WWII naval fort to new internet stations.

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How blessed we are in Tampa to have WMNF where we can hear all types of non-mainstream radio and it's all because the people of Tampa want it. Thanks for all you do!

pirate radio - a 'right' for all people

Aptly put, "we believed it was the people's right to have a radio station of their own, not run by government"...."giving the people free popular music". I was a grateful listener when I was a young teenager in the boonies of Belguim in the 60's. Now, I am a grateful listener - donator to the greatest community radio station around. Thank you to all the employees and volunteers of WMNF for bringing us an alternative to government run or commercial radio.