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Did you go to Tropical Heatwave?

Randy Wynne about about 5 years ago

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Thank you WMNF for a great night of wonderful music! I always find musicians I can't believe I haven't known before and will always follow from Heatwave to eternity. Ruthie Foster was absolutely amazing! Nervous Turkey was a hit! Moving Ruby Velle to El Pasaje was brilliant and Jason Ricci & New Blood were an adventure to be experienced live. Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88s were so much fun and spurred on my desire to get better at swing dancing. So many times I wished I could be at three places at the same time. My feet hurt, my body is sore from so much dancing, my heart's full of joy from seeing so many good friends and experiencing a fabulous day and evening of truely amazing music. WMNF is one of the jewels of TampaBay! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Im a falcon

Tornado Rider forever

Sista Otis

She was hot!


Great time- thanks for putting on the show! Ruthie Foster, Hu Dust and Sista Otis were my favorites! Ybor room not so great though, sorry Sista had to play there, next time hook her up with a better venue please!


was my 1st heatwave and concerts in many years. been a work and sleep drone far too long. was turned on to your station and the heatwave concerts and had one of the best times i can recall..ruthie and nervous turkey were great, along with the other bands i heard and saw. meet some really awesome people and enjoyed Ybor..thanks for waking this old dude up

Nervous Turkey

Great band to start the day with, then seeing him muscle it out with Alejandro was a treat.

Boom Box

If your not growing, your going. Your can tell their grown with BOOM BOX - groovy chill

Heatwave overall

The entire Heatwave experience always transports me back to those carefree, idealistic days of the early 70s as I groove to the tunes! Never fails. It's a musical age defier. Jason Ricci's intense, electrifying harmonica genius and passionate lyrics recall Jim Morrison. One of the most original and unique acts! We were mesmerized and practically speechless. Bravo to the decoration crew- best window murals ever in ballroom and the mushrooms also rocked! Can't wait for next year - 30 years!

Absolutely Wonderful Evening

Another superb Tropical Heatwave, with some old favorites and certainly some new ones. I can't say if I enjoyed the ballroom polka with Alex Meixner or the bandshell rocking with Tornado Rider more. The Lumiscent Orchestrii was phenominal, and the hynotic dance trance of Boom Box doing the Grateful Dead's song Shakedown Street was a late night delight. Thank you WMNF for giving us such a special night.


Heat Wave is best described using the the words of my favorite South Park kid, Cartmen and if he was there he would only have one thing to say "Hippies, mostly Hippies". See you again next year.

Another great year

I think the best thing about Heatwave is it displays some of the great local talent that we have.right off the bat, I saw a very entertaining show from Nervous Turkey. Later at the Orpheum there was Have Gun Will Travel. I had a great time.


No quibbles with the bands -- it was the best Heatwave of the past three years. Stone River Boys and Have Gun, Will Travel were personal highlights. Biggest gripe: the bright floruescent lights in the bllroom and the cantina were kept on throughout the band's sets. Way too bright and simply not the way I want to see music.


Wow Man!! Still coming down off the high of such a great feeling. The music is just part of the fantasmic experience that is Heatwave. I need to do more!! Again Next Year. OOOOO00000oooo..... . . . . . . .

One of the best

Totally agree with Matt. One of the best Heatwaves in awhile. Was in the ballroom to see the amazing Luminescent Orchestrii and agree it was waaay too bright in there! More ambience next year.. Love the addition of the Crowbar - began and finished the night there. GreyMarket duo was incredible! Would love to see more of them. Also witnessed (with coaxing from my son) the head banging sounds of Heatwave's heavy metal premier of Unkempt in the wee hours of the morning. A total trip...

The Hip Abduction

The Hip Abduction was awesome at the Oprheum. I had no idea they were a local band until I talked to guys after the show. Other than that Jason Ricci was my favorite. Great concert! I am looking forward to next year!

Jason Ricci

great set by Jason Ricci..the most intense music at heateave this year. Great blues harp-Jim Morrison like edgy songs!


Loved Rachael Goodrich & Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys the best...but Nervous Turkey, Lumiscent Orchestrii ,Boom Box , Ever So Klever, Have Gun Will Travel and The Chicken Chasers were terrific, too. Big Kudos to WMNF for one of the best Heatwaves ever...and I've been to maybe 25. I liked that the Cuban Club was not jam-packed...I was really dreading the crowd. I only hope that the room-to-move was due to the greater number of venues rather than a lesser number of ticket-buyers.

Great music

Can't believe what these kids are coming up with these days, what amix!...All venues we made it to were fun and had great sounds and vibe...Good job WMNF, and thanks !

great time

Alex Meixner, Ruthie Foster, and Hamell on TRial were my favorites. Stayed till almost the end and had a great time!


My feet have not touched the ground yet....Ruthie Foster and Nervous Turkey kicked butt and took names. THANK YOU WMNF 88.5 stays on at my house and in my car even on polka sundays....See you all next year and looking forward to it..peace and light. V

Review for

Hey.. I would HeatWaver's to post comments as I write for; will be writing an article on the event.. trying to promote Community Radio & Tampa Bay and how much great music we get here! Thanx.. Kimber