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Tropical Heatwave reviews and coverage

Matt Cowley about about 5 years ago

Thanks to everyone for a great Tropical Heatwave!

Here are some reviews and reactions - let us know if you find more!

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longtime supporter & tropical heatwave lover

i was trying to find heatwave survey but maybe it's off the site? anyway__ i wanted to put in my 2 cents worth. i didn't head to play to hear this band but i am so glad that i ended up catching them-hymn for her was so much fun. catchy rhythms, danceable, at time relevent & other times irreverent! got to see them at a house concert again on memorial day & they were just as good as i remembered. please continue to play this band's CD's & bring them back to this area again. thanks for letting me comment. i'll check back & see if the survey re-appears. as always- love everything at 'mnf & wish i could give you lots more money!