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Samar from True Talk in the news

Matt Cowley about about 5 years ago

Here's a nice article in the Florida Weekly about Samar Jarrah from WMNF's True Talk:

She was born without a country. Over the years, she and her family lived in many nations, searching for a permanent home. Today, Samar Dahmash-Jarrah is an American. The Port Charlotte resident is also a journalist, scholar, speaker and author who takes down walls, builds understanding and squashes cultural stereotypes one word at a time.

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In our backyard

How wonderful that we have such special and diverse people with WMNF. I am so blessed to be able to listen freely. Samar has opened my eyes in many ways.

True Talk

I enjoyed this article. I listen to true talk on occasion when my schedule allows, I enjoy Samar, she has a fresh & strong but softly spoken perspective on the reality of our times among our American and Muslim relations. Good for you Samar, you deserve the article and I would love to be a student in one of your classes at USF. I also enjoy co host Ahmed Bedier; the two of them compliment each other on the show.