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Florida selects their 'district level' Democrats

Mitch Perry about over 7 years ago

Florida has named their district-level delegates to the Convention, where they may or may not ever get to attend in Denver this August.

In Tampa on Saturday, Democrats in the 11th Congressional District voted for 3 Obama delegates and 2 Clinton delegates.

Attesting to the sheer excitement about this Democratic race, several members of the 4th Estate, including yours truly, covered the Caucus on Saturday.

Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee member Monroe Mack told WMNF today that approximately 130 to 140 people voted for Obama, and the same for Clinton....Hmmm. I suppose that could be true.

Who goes to these things, you might ask? Well, if you're a registered Democrat, you could have gone yourself this past Saturday. Party insiders, but not exclusively. WMNF spoke with some Democrats who came by because they're so into the race.

Pat Kemp, now the Vice-Chair of the Hillsborough Democratic Executive Committee, was the female Obama delegate selected. Jerel McCants and Jim Jackson were the 2 male delegates. (Yeah, the Dems break it by gender). Norma Roberts was selected as the Alternate Female.

On the Clinton side, they selected Alan Clendinin and Cathy Bartolotti.

So as you all know, will find out at some point if they're going to go to the Convention.

I'm told the Florida GOP doesn't have Caucuses like this ; they just choose their delegates (I'm not sure if it's a the proverbial smoke filled room).

The story of the Caucus airs Monday night on the WMNF Evening News.

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