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BRIAN TATE Interview, (Part 3), on Global Rhythms ...

airstudio about almost 5 years ago

Brian Tate is a marketing strategist with unique experience in developing major events, marketing campaigns, corporate sponsorships, and cultural initiatives.

Brian Tate is President of The Tate Group, a New York City-based consulting firm that specializes in creating community, business solutions, and brand impact.

A skilled negotiator, Mr. Tate has raised millions in cash and media through deals with several major corporations.

He is principal creator/founding producer of the Taste of DC Festival, which attracted 1.2 million people per year under his leadership. He is also creator/producer of the Dark Harvest Film Festival, the Brooklyn New Music Festival, the Full Spectrum Panel Discussion Series, and other projects that promote economic development, cultural exchange, and progressive ideas.

Hear part~3 of our interview with Brian Tate in the first hour of Global Rhythms ...

Peace, ~ Jaje7

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