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"Peace" concert report !

elehmann about almost 5 years ago

Last Saturday night , 9/11, at Gram's Place in Tampa WMNF held a "Give Peace a Chance" concert. Thanks to all the performers who made this night of music a very magical experience. Joe Rena and Mark Carufel started the evening off with a touching rendition of Tom Paxton's "Peace Will Come". Karen Zack of Parson Brown treated the audience to a freshly penned "Song of Peace" just completed that morning for this show. Carufel & Rena's covers of several peace standards were masterfully performed. Mindy Simmons from Sarasota charmed the audience with her original songs and a cover of "Mercedes Benz" that would have made Janis Joplin proud. Rebekah Pulley's mix of originals and covers shone with her uniquely compelling musicianship. As a special treat she invited Ronny Elliot to join her with a rousing cover of Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" that had the audience singing along. Ronny then capped off the evening in fine style with an especially poignant rendition of his song " No More War ".

Thanks to everyone who came out to support WMNF and honor the memory of the fallen of 9/11 with a call for peace in our world.

A special thanks to Bruce Holland of Gram's Place for hosting the event and acquiring some terrific raffle prizes from local businesses.

PS- look for an article in Sunday's St. Pete Times talking about the history of the Twist - it quotes Ronny & and WMNF DJ's in the article.

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