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WikiLeaks under cyber attack?

Sean Kinane about over 4 years ago

Update. At 3:26pm ET on 22 Oct WikiLeaks Tweeted: "See TBIJ, IBC, Guardian, Spiegel, NYT, Le Monde, Al Jazeera, Chan4, SVT, CNN, BBC and more in the next few hours. We maximise impact." Al-Jazeera says it will start releasing at 5pm ET.

Updates to this breaking WikiLeaks story as of 10am ET Friday 22 Oct: Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg was a guest this morning on Democracy Now! He confirmed that he's flying to London to be at the WikiLeaks press conference tomorrow (Saturday), to announce the release of 400,000 documents on the U.S. war on Iraq.

You can hear Democracy Now! today at noon on 88.5 FM. We'll replay part of Ellsberg's segment on the WMNF Evening News at 6pm. Here's video.

Some thought questions: Would the Obama administration claim the right to assassinate WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange at tomorrow's press conference? Would the British government protect or prosecute the assassin? Discuss.

Here are some updates as of noon ET 21 Oct ... you can access the WikiLeaks website through a mirror site and WikiLeaks will hold a press conference in Europe. We'll bring you updates as available.

It appears the whistleblower website, is under cyber attack.

At 12:41 p.m. Eastern Time, WikiLeaks posted the following to their Twitter account:

“WikiLeaks communications infrastructure is currently under attack. Project BO move to coms channel S. Activate Reston5.”

That seems to be a signal for a plan to be implemented in case of emergency.

There has not been an update since. The website is down as well, a note there says it is because of “scheduled maintenance.”

A mirror site still contains files called “WikiLeaks Insurance”

Co-founder Julian Assange has warned the site could come under attack and has said he has a plan in place to continue to leak information if WikiLeaks’ main site comes under cyber attack.

Yesterday WikiLeaks Tweeted “Now is a good time to mirror this WikiLeaks 'insurance' backup”

The U.S. Department of Defense has openly opposed the leak of sensitive information by WikiLeaks.

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Wikileaks be damned

Good! I hope the reprehensible wikileaks is put out of business. Their Pentagon "leaks" are responsible for putting US soldiers and Afghan civilians in danger. Damn wikileaks and damn Julian Assange and damn all his supporters.


I'm pretty sure the simple presence of soldiers there is putting them in more danger than these "leaks". If the information did not exist in the first place, it wouldn't need to be leaked. It sounds selfish to think that we should keep information confidential. Solely for the purpose of continuing an illegal war. Rather than ask the question of whether or not the information should have been leaked. We should be asking. Why the information exists? Why are we putting them in danger which exists regardless?

Conflict resolution…

Yeah… why does that information exist??? If the Pentagon would quit documenting everything and just do what needs to be done... we could be out of there in a few months...


It should not exist.. In other words, the crimes should not have been committed in the first place.

Are You Calling Our Boys Criminals?

What constitues a crime? Are you against the goals of the U.S.?


Invading a country without cause is a crime. Torture is a crime. Holding prisoners without due process is a crime. If these are how the "goals" of the U.S. are being pursued. Then yes I am against them.

Call the cops...

CRIMES??? That one's easy... just un-declare the "WAR" and call this a “Police Action”… we have a lot of experience in that theatre of action!!! By the way… in a single party controlled government… why wasn’t the "WAR" un-declared when we had the chance???

Crimes and Criminals

If U.S. actions are criminal, then, no, I do not support the goals of the U.S. End of story. My question to Jason's Mama: did you support putting young men into harm's way for a criminal enterprise? If so, you have the blood of both young Americans and innocent Iraqis on your hands.

Reality check...

It doesn’t matter if we support putting young men and women into harm's way. It’s not our call. It’s an all volunteer military (individual choice)… being given direction by the “Commander-In-Chief” and his Congress. As for having blood on the hands… those young soldiers volunteered to kill people and break things. They and the “Commander-In-Chief” and his Congress can answer for the blood of “innocent Iraqis”... not their Mothers. Aint reality just grand???