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Re: Listener Feedback on proposed program changes

Jim Bennett about over 4 years ago

I want to say that WMNF does do things differently than other stations. We do put ideas forward to our listeners about change before it happens, precisely because we want your feedback. I commented publicly in one instance about the proposed change and this is what I said…."this is all tentative, and absolutely nothing has been set in the proverbial stone." We have a meeting in late November, so that staff and volunteers can weigh in on proposed changes. By the time that meeting takes place, I expect that we will have at least two other proposals to present, one from me and one from Rob Lorei. What we will probably end up with will probably be a composite of all three proposals with possible variations offered by others. But whatever we do will take into account feedback from our loyal listeners and will be of benefit to us all. We won’t do things we can’t realistically do with the limited resources we have. We do ultimately want to make WMNF the best station it can be for our current membership and for those who may come to listen to us for some of the changes that we make a concerted effort to reach consensus on.

Thanks! Jim Bennett Station Manager WMNF Please continue to give me your feedback at 813-238-8001, ext 126, or at

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These are the shows that like and listen too. Empowerment hour, Sunday forum, Women's show, Alternative radio,Democracy now, Alternative health and True talk. These are the show I do not like Sonic detour, country music. Thank you for this radio station which give more truthful news.


We have just finished a horrible election, and now WUSF and NPR are talking about it ad nauseam. I welcome the music. Right now you blend of music and talk is just perfect. Don't change a thing. You're perfect just the way you are. As I side bar, I met your folks at the Times reading festival. What a great bunch of folks. You should do more of those things, I put $10.00 in their jar. .Thanks for a great product/

Public Service Rep for Temple Terrace

I read the article in the TBT about the possibility of the Morning Show and Sonic Detour being eliminated with total dismay. These two shows get me thru a otherwise dreadful commute to and from work each day. The Morning Show in particular is at the least a daily listening pleasure, and at the most, stunningly brilliant - Janine's show this week was a perfect example - song after song blew me away. I also depend on your station to act as my "window on the world" of current music being produced by new artists and old favorites. I have been in Florida for almost 10 years now and don't know where else I would find the type of music you play; the type of music I love! I have never played another station since the first day long ago that I discovered WMNF. When I want radio news, I go to your station for that also and enjoy Fresh Air and Talking Animals.

long time listener, cof

The only time I change to another station is during Fresh Air, and it is hard to listen to another station then. The rest of the time I listen exclusively to WMNF. My shop would not be the same without the Morning Show or the Sonic Detour, or any of the other shows for that matter!

Keep the Music!

Empowerment hour, Sunday forum, Women's show, Alternative radio, Democracy now, Alternative Health and True talk are the worst shows on WMNF --especially True Talk. If you have to get rid of something, cancel True Talk. Keep the morning show and the music!

More Music!

I listen to the radio primarily when I am in my car. I love to hear music in the morning. It puts me in a great mood for work. I find there to be too much talk during the day. I love to listen to folk, blues, Florida folk, and any music not found in the mainstream. Fun, funky, upbeat, and uplifting that's the way I want to get to work!

two cents

I can't begin to imagine my last thirty years without WMNF and the music, particularly the Morning Show and afternoon drive-time. I am glad that Amy Goodman is out there and hard at work for the Progressive side but I can't stand listening to her. Frankly, she just as hate-filled as the right wingers. I certainly don't want to listen to that in the morning. During the workday I stream other music shows from the archives. I appreciate the news segments and some of the community affairs shows but, for me, it really is about the music ~ and, yeah, I do donate every year.

Driving music

I appreciate the hard work you all put into respecting the wishes of your listeners while trying to stay afloat financially! Keep up the good and important work. The music each morning and late afternoon (Morning Show and Sonic Detour et al.) are the best part of my 30 min. commute to/from work. I'm not crazy about "chip on our shoulder" programs (like FL Folk tends to be, and True Talk many times) BUT see their importance. I can always flip to another station and come back later. To echo what many listeners feel: I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE AND DOING WHAT YOU DO. This station has more than a few times kept me afloat in a sea of Ughhh!

Save the Morning Show

My wife and I look forward all week to Tuesday mornings and waking up with Marcie. Don't know what we'd do without her positivity, humor, warmth,and superb taste in music to start our day. Her election show Tuesday sure got us through a dismal midterm disaster!

please keep the music

What makes WMNF special is the music. I especially enjoy the drive time show - Sonic Detour. I would hate to see WMNF go the way of Chicago's WBEZ and eventually eliminate the music programming... We've supported WMNF's music programs in the past and would be less inclined to do so if the format goes more toward talk. Please consider keeping things as they are with respect to the music programming.

It's the MUSIC

Like the start of Flee's show reminds us every week - "It's the Music." I honestly wouldn't see the point in listening without the music. I listen to the archives during the day to avoid the talk shows. Some of them are good, but what keeps me tuned in is the great programming. Scan the dial in the morning and it's all talk talk talk, but on 88.5 it's music. I commute and it educates me on music I don't know well and brings in things I love. If anything, we need more outreach to connect with the community on the great offerings available. WMNF doesn't reach half of the people that would appreciate shows like Sonic Detour or Saturday Asylum. I believe change is inevitable and we will embrace it, but I think a lot of us come here for great music and the well-versed Dj's that bring it. If WUSF wants to do more talk then let them, they'll never compete on music.

Not heard on FM...

I’d suggest a conservative talk show… but… I’d hate to see anyone bumped out of that coveted 3:00am slot.

Music vs Talk

There has always been tension between those of us who love the music and those who like the talk shows. For me personally, it's particularly annoying that the mid-day block of talk shows falls right in the period when I am usually in the car, listening (I had to buy an Ipod solely for this reason). That said, I realize that the talk shows provide an important service, and am not in favor of eliminating them entirely. I do suggest getting rid of the syndicated shows (Fresh Air, etc) that are available elsewhere. Some day (maybe soon), the programming could be split in two, with the talk shows moving to a separate digital channel, and the terrestrial feed could be all music (perhaps retaining JUST the WMNF news).

The MUSIC Matters!

I wake up 5 days a week to the Morning Show and drive home 5 days a week to Sonic Detour. The Morning Show is by far my favorite show on WMNF. The DJ's take PRIDE in CRAFTING their sets. The music makes the news bearable. Just one of many reasons why the Morning Show matters: I doubt there is a place in this great country or ours that plays "Power to the People" on election morning. Hearing Patty Smith reminding me where the power lays as I was driving to my polling station was immensely moving and powerful. I knew my vote mattered. I knew as individuals we mattered. That was the MUSIC – not the news. News does have its place on WMNF but not at the sacrifice of the music. I pledge during the Morning Show and Women’s Show because they matter to me. The music matters to me. The music speaks louder than words. I’m not able to listen to the radio during the day due to the office I work in. When would us cube dwellers ever here the music with the proposed changes? Never. I can get news in a plethora of locations and ways. I can only get good music at one place - WMNF. Commercial radio is beyond abysmal. Waking up to music puts me in a good frame of mind to face the day. Waking up to the constant jabbering of newscasts would make me shut off my radio entirely.

more music please

more music please. the talk shows are unbearable. i wish florida folk would change it up a bit. thanks for your hard work.

Important program change meeting, etc.

For those who would like to express their concerns, thoughts, suggestions, it is very important to attend the all-station programming meeting referenced in Jim Bennett's posting above on Tuesday November 23 at 7:00pm (all meetings at the station are open to the public). Post your thoughts here, and encourage others to do so. Also, send an e-mail to station manager Jim Bennett at

Less Talk, More Music

More music, less talk --at least political talk. The only talk show that is halfway entertaining is the call in show where local morons, filled with self-righteous indignation, call in and sputter and stutter about the injustice they've suffered at the hands of the Bush Administration. Keep the call in show comedy. Cancel all the rest.

My two cents

I started listening to WMNF in 1988 because of the music and continue to listen to WMNF because of the music. Without WMNF playing music, I'll turn off the radio, I don't have any other stations programmed in my car because I exclusively listen to WMNF. I listen to the Morning Show and Sonic Detour every work day and whatever is on at least three evenings a week, I download Rob's call in show and listen to it as much as possible. Frankly, I don't see why there is a problem or why anyone would consider reducing the music in WMNFs formatting since it is the music (and Rob) that makes WMNF unique. Finally, I think the HD radio investment was a waste since I don't have an HD radio and won't be getting one any time soon. But that is just me. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Slide over Hannity & Colmes...

Okay… if we can’t get a conservative talk show (at 3:00am)… how about a “Point / Counter Point” style of call-in show???

Three proposals?

So the Program Director, Station Manager, and News and Public Affairs Director will all present THEIR proposals? My God, Bill Hamilton was right. There are three monoliths all vying for control. Or are Rob and Jim trying to take over from Randy? Does anyone actually talk to each other anymore or is it all through email? It is the opinion of many that Randy's proposal won't fly because Rob won't get up at 7a every day. I bet Rob's proposal will be full of syndicated programs we can't afford, and why doesn't Jim do his job instead of everyone else's?

Keep the Morning Show!!

I won't disagree about the dysfunction or staff's motivations. But Randy's proposal, at least with regard to the Morning Show, SHOULDN'T fly because Morning Show listeners and supporters don't want it to. It's the listener-supporters' voices that should ring the loudest.

station manager

I do want you to know that Randy, Rob and I have been talking and will collaborate on the alternative proposals..... Jim

Keep MS and SD!!!

You can't REALLY be even CONSIDERING eliminating the Morning Show or Sonic Detour!!! As far as I'm concerned, they're the best shows you have.

More Talk

The one program type that continues to be lacking on WMNF are call-in shows like Rob's weekday afternoon, and the Sunday morning shows. If WMNF purports to be a truly community-active broadcaster, then we need to hear more directly from the community! Over and over again, these call-in shows are unable to provide a sufficient conversation on important and relevant topics because there is not enough time available for more callers to contribute their voice. The DJ's must be getting tired of apologizing every week that they are out of time.

King Of LOL

Mr. Station Manager, Its comforting to know that three upper middle-aged white men are collaborating on alternate proposals. The community and the listeners are now at ease. Someone new would think WMNF is one of those "evil corporations" always being bitched about on your airwaves. LOL


In my opinion Randy has held this station together with his programming expertise for years now. This station needs a change just like any other one. Remember when there was no new programmers? I say full speed ahead!

Morning Show rules!

Randy alone does not make programming decisions. The rules say that he proposes a tentative schedule, and then we all get to have input that is then considered when creating the final schedule. It's perfectly appropriate for Jim and Rob to present alternatives. In fact, it's essential there be alternatives to Randy's idea when the Morning Show listener-supporters have spoken as loudly and forcefully as they have. We need to keep the Morning Show!


Most of us come across as pretty fiercely loyal to the music shows - I guess we'd better dig a little deeper in our pockets to keep them . . . now where was that tip jar . . .?

Dig Deeper?

Not while WMNF continues to promote an agenda counter to many of its listeners. WMNF continually justifies its programming by claiming to be the only outlet for much of their content. In actuality, the leftist content they broadcast is found on many other TV and radio stations and the internet. The only distinction this station can rightly claim is that they censor their content and limit it to the narrow confines of a rigid, inflexible view.


You want community? The music brings us together, the talk drives us apart. I feel less compelled to give these days because it seems the station is becoming a clique where I'm not welcome. Do you really think you will persuade ANYONE? It's not that I'm completely at odds with all of your agenda, or that I mind the editorializing between songs, but the talk is wearisome. I can get it anywhere. WMNF MUSIC I get nowhere else. In addition to my two cents, I'll make an overdue contribution today. But my favorite music is played on sonic detour and morning show, so it's no small leap of faith.

What other station has liberal Content

I am curious to know where in Tampa Bay can I find a station with a liberal/progressive agenda among the corporate radio stations. Please help, PJ

Good Grief

I have to echo Rush Hannity somewhat. He raises a good question. Jim?, Rob?, Randy? What kind of diversity is that?

It's always been about the music!

WMNF has always been about the leave it like that.Too many other places to get news and talk on the radio dial.Cut down the news and talk shows and just play the stuff that got listener sponsers affiliated with the station in the first place.It's the music that brings in the money for more than 30 years.MUSIC IS THE BEST..... Frank Zappa

He's Right --It's the MUSIC

Yep, straighten up and I'll pay up.

More Music, Less Talk

Please keep or add music, and either reduce the amount of talk or leave it alone. I love the Morning Show, Florida folk, blues, bluegrass, Sonic Detour, Caribbean Sun PM, and the various other alternative/oldies rock shows, etc. As far as talk I do like the call-in health and call-in political shows and the in-depth local reporting that is unmatched elsewhere on the dial. I see no point in replicating much of what WUSF/NPR offers. Fresh Air and Democracy Now are occasionally interesting, but often it's just too much and too long. I do like the addition of BBC News. I mostly listen when I'm driving around on weekdays and find too much talk, not too little. I also wish you'd have better music midafternoon on Sundays instead of that polka show which to my mind should be relegated to the wee hours. I have supported WMNF financially for years, and tripled my support this year due to your financial difficulties, but if you take away my music I will have no reason to continue to do so. Thanks.

Don't mess with success

My alarm is set at 5am to WMNF MUSIC!! We listen to talk talk talk all day, ad nauseum, whether in person, on radio, TV, etc. Music is joyous, there is not enough of it in this world, including on radio. Your varied music shows are a breath of fresh air. PLEASE don't change that format.


Not really enjoying this Wednesday morning show with more news mixed into the program; there are so many places to get news in the morning, and all around the clock, but very few sources for great music. My vote is to leave the morning shows open for music only!

NO! Don't do away with the music!

We are long time member supporters of WMNF, and are absolutely, positively opposed to doing away with the music shows. The first thing we do when we wake up at 5:15 every weekday morning is turn on WMNF in both the bedroom and living room. I can't even IMAGINE getting ready for work without listening to Glenn, Marcie, Randy, Janine and Cam doing the morning shows. Each of them delivers a wonderful program of music. And the sonic detour shows are terrific as well. There is enough talk, talk, talk in the world already. I agree with another commenter who said that WMNF is just perfect as it is... don't change a thing. As we understand it, the upcoming maintenance that will reduce WMNF's signal neans we won't be able to tune in here in Bradenton for up to two months. We understand and accept that situation, which will in no way affect our continued support. If you do away with the music, we can't see much reason to tune in once the transmitter us back up to full strength. Under those circustances, I'm afraid you could no longer count on our financial contribution either. SAVE THE MUSIC!


The music is what makes WMNF unique! News we can get 24/7 anywhere--though your news is the one I trust. Please don't take my morning show away!!

Global Rhythms Show Co-Host

Two things ... One: Remember that even while WMNF ~ 88.5 fm is operating at reduced power ... will be up and running and you will be able to keep up on changes at WMNF as they develop and still hear all the music, news and info that you love ~ online. Two: All of you who have your alarm radios set to wake you up at around 5:00 am ... Try setting your radios to wake you up at 4:00 am and then lay back and check out the first hour of the Pre-Dawn Shows ... ... especially GLOBAL RHYTHMS ... (PreDawn ~ Monday). GLOBAL RHYTHMS IS IT Y'ALL .!. Listen In ... It's Real .!. Monday Mornings ... 4am to 6am or online, anytime at ... You'll thank yourself for it.


In a time when I often hear, "Kill all Muslems", I keep telling people of True Talk, please give that program more time. Also, I never donate to the "Fun raiser" more and more time is eaten up raising funds, suggestion: total each programs "Tips", and credit them with that amount, and when they reach their goal, well that fininshes there part of fund raising.

Their everywhere...

Sis… I don’t know where you’re hanging out to hear "Kill all Muslims" on a regular basis… but... you might want to consider changing your acquaintances. Though it may not be fair… you’re known by the company you keep. Yo… Jim… Randy… Rob… this is exactly why the station needs some true talk from the right.

keep the music

As a long time listener to the station and a longtime commuter, the morning show and the sonic detour are what help me as coping mechanism......I cring at the thought of having to find an alternative to that.

Morning Show!

I was listening to the Morning show yesterday at home and the selection of music was inspired -it hit the spot like sometimes poetry does--I was so excited I wanted to call WMNF and tell the dj what a great job she was doing. Infortunately e-mail didn't go through. Anyway --talk radio, especially whiny left-wing talk radio, will never excite me the way the music does. If you cancel the music I will burn your house down. P.S. The Global Rhytms show is boring and predictable.

Music - Talk - Money

I started listening in 1979 and probably donating in 1985 or so. I really connected with the program schedule back then. As the years have gone by, the programming is less and less appealing to me. Even so, I became a Circle of Friends member shortly after that started. I wasn't really happy with the changes in music and less happy as the amount of talk and news grew and grew. The music changes I adjusted to and broadened horizons, the news and talk sends me to my collection of music, Grassy Hill, radioio, Pandora and other streaming choices. . . . As the talk and syndicated shows have increased so has the budget. I'm sure that is not the only reason but I know it contributes. I hope that we no longer use the "only fundraise 17 days per year" line any more in the drives because we are now getting pretty close to 60 I think this year. What you are doing every day on every show IS fundraising. So now, WMNF has 29 hours of talk and news available (approx) each weekday (4 of that should be music). I would be interested to know the cost of all of the talk, news and public affairs on the broadcast and HD-3 (including salaries) and what percentage of that is raised by those shows during marathon. Also, how does that cost relate to the amount of the shortfall from the marathon? . . . Some things I miss - Drive Time Bluegrass - Big Band in the afternoons - Friday Night Cruisin' ( Bumpy Ride is not the same) - - Ann the Reggae Lady and of course, Vicki. Some things I'd like to see . . . more music, realistic budget based on the old 17 days of fundraising. Board members ---that part should be your job.


I love the morning shows (music). It's great to drive to work with fun music and talk. I can get lots of depressing news (since there's hardly ever any good news), but the music in the morning starts my day off on a real high--I get plenty of doses of reality once I get there. Please keep the music in the morning. I still listen to the public affairs on during the day. PLEASE DON'T CHANGE THE MORNING MUSIC FORMAT--DON'T MOVE IT PLEASE!!

New to Tampa Bay area ! ! !

Talk Back to Your Radio!(Also on the Survey) It seems that in my life I have seen and have gone through so many changes. Starting in the late 60s my first encounter with the “free play” FM radio airwaves was heard as a youthful child tuned into WNEW 102.7 NYC. The station’s music hit my child’s heart likened to an earth shattering sound, and how long a particular song played, and how the live DJs’ voices sounded to my virgin ears. The station’s counterpart on the AM side was listened to in my family’s hardware store. I use to change to the FM side; however’ my dad and/or uncle changed it back to the AM side to listen to their big band 40s and 50s genre; which was not a bad thing, but at that age I didn’t get it. I moved to the Allentown area of Pennsylvania, but my version of old school FM radio was lost there. The internet was dial-up at that point in time. So I took what I could get and listened to the radio stations anyway. Then by some luck of the airwaves when I was driving to work one day south of Allentown, PA coming down the mountain I heard some interesting tunes from WXPN out of the University of Pennsylvania. The ironic spin now that I think about it was the call the sign on radio dial was 88.5. I loved the format; it was everything about not hearing the usual slamming of politicians, or the loudness of commercials. Oh yah BTW, when these corporate radio stations say that they advertise “52 minutes of music free commercials” they have got to be kidding. This public radio station format was a breath of fresh air for me and started in 1987. So I chased that Public radio station wherever I called home. At one point I lived NJ only 50 miles away from NYC and that station I grew up with went away Clear Channel and the format changed so many times it made me sick. I then found 90.7 WFUV radio station, and the sound was great, I stayed tuned in up until 2007. At that time I met my high school sweet heart online who lived I AK. So, I flew up and she came back to NJ two months later. Ever since then she has been my best friend and we drove up to AK and while living there again I found my favorite radio format in Anchorage. Now she is my wife and we moved to the Tampa Bay area to help our dads out since they are at that age where it’s good to live closer to them. Now I listen to WMNF on the radio dial 88.5. Since I’m still looking for employment; which has not been easy I would love to contribute to 88.5 since I love everything about their format. Yes in here tough economic times right now I can’t give money. And, I know the radio station needs more money more than ever. I heard Robert Lorei talking on the radionabout changing the show’s offered and experiment if you will with different ideas. However, I wish I could volunteer to help out the this great format in the Tampa Bay area to make sure that this great radio station does not go away. My help would come as a volunteer until I am able to find that job when I can give a monetary amount. The Tampa Bay area really needs this type of “public radio station” to stick around for another 30 years. All who listen to 88.5 gets the right news, great music and last but not least other fine NPR news without bias. Great stuff WMNF, I’m pushing that plow right along with youz guys.

No Music, no Radio

Say it ain't so. If the Morning Show and Sonic Detour + the 7pm music shows + the Saturday afternoon shows were removed, many listeners like me would leave. In addition to so many musicians and bands I probably would not know of, through WMNF, I have discovered the local music scene and some of the more fun spots in town.

please keep the music going!

I found WMNF in 2000 when I moved here. I wanted to know about local shows, new bands, what alternative radio was playing, and what the local music scene was. The music in the morning keeps me going and positive. The Sonic Detour and afternoon DJ's really put some thought into what they play. Without the ecclectic music, not all of it accessible to me, I would not listen to MNF. NO other station in the area provides the valuable service you guys do, don't let that go away!

my cold dead ears

I can't fathom the thought of less music from " a music station with great public affairs" which is what 88.5 has evolved to...remember kids, we were once a dusk to dawn all music station. If there is to be more yapping and less music'll have to pry my radio from my cold dead ears. I'll just go back to my personal music the mighty Fleevis says " it must be the music" as Rebel says ROCK & ROLL.!!!!!! More talk..less listners We can't go head to head against the corporate muscle of USF/NPR anyway..let'em ramble on all day.. keep the music shows we have in their slots.

Important reminder

Be sure to attend the important all-station programming meeting at the station if you would like to express your concerns, thoughts, suggestions,regarding program changes at WMNF The meeting is this Tuesday November 23 at 7:00pm. Also, be sure to fill out the listener survey linked on the home page.

marine engineer

The programming at WMNF challenges me. The current mix of "talk" & music is always drawing me into thoughts & insights that make WMNF a true "community" station. Music is the soul of any nation or community and the knowledge offered by the DJ's in the mornings & the 2-6PM slot is amazing. These people live & breath their music & their knowledge commitment is astounding. I am concerned with the growth of a younger listening audience & slicing into the daily program with more "talk" will compromise that growth. On the other side of the issue: Where can one listen to the likes of "Radio Active", "Democracy Now", or Allen Watts? The current programming continues to offer an exciting yet challenging mix. KEEP OUR MUSIC ALIVE!!!

please don't change a thing

wmnf is special - we don't need another NPR / Talk radio station - the mix of music (am drive-time and 2:oo pm blues) and afternoon public affairs are what gives wmnf its 'flavor' - in the 3 years i have lived in the area, there are pans to raze the Pier,relocate the Rays, lost Al Lang field for spring training - and now WMNF - if it changes it will never be the same - Stop the Madness, please!

what we do now was for a reason

The current mix of music with 5 minute news updates on half hour on the Morning Show, and nearly the same on Sonic Detour, has served this station very well and is my preference. That pattern was based on a lot of good feedback and thought over the years. Predominantly talk radio in morning and afternoon drive time ain't my bag, and I am active progressive.

Keep the news, music and mix

There has been a debate on this website about keeping news vs. keeping music. WMNF provides news and music we can’t get anywhere else. Keep both at the current mix. You don’t get permission from the "Powers That Be" to report your news. WMNF news goes beyond the Official Story the mainstream media reports; the people damaged and destroyed by the policies of the Powers are WMNF’s regular beat. If you reduce your news, you reduce their voices. There isn’t anywhere else on the dial we can hear those voices day after day. WMNF’s music mix is also unique. You don’t use focus group-determined playlists sent from Headquarters. Where else can we hear Baby Boomer rock, indie rock, Latin jazz, and straight-ahead jazz in one afternoon—without touching the dial? That policy of eclecticism, which is at the core of WMNF’s purpose in this community, is why Step Outside: the Strange and Beautiful Music Show should stay on the air. We listen to many music shows on WMNF, but Step Outside is the only show we listen to that introduces listeners to totally different genres of music within a single program. In addition, the loss of Mr. Tush’s and Mr. Zilla’s wide-ranging musical knowledge, witty banter, and incisive commentary would be irreplaceable. Also, keep the current mix. Many people have asked to keep the morning afternoon shows in their current time slot. Even though we usually listen to news on our morning and afternoon drives, we agree. If people want news in the morning or afternoon, they can do what we do when we want news: listen to WUSF. We like the WMNF Evening News while we’re cooking dinner, so we can get WMNF’s take on the day’s news. The differences between that and the Official Story are instructive. In short: keep the news, keep the music, keep the mix, and keep stepping outside.

Keep the Morning Show whole

I listen to the replays of the Morning Show on the web at work. I can do this because it is mostly music. On the day Rob did the "trial run" mixing in talk & more news, I ended up turning off the broadcast as it was too distracting. Please, please keep it mostly music so I can remain a web listener from afar.

I shouldn't say it but...

Yeah, I heard that show too. Who was that goober on with Rob who was trying to insist that the change would be welcome? he kept saying that, of course music show listeners would be opposed but that they would gain new, better listeners. That guy was an idiot and his choice of music was sub par.

Keep the music

WMNF has gradually eliminated the music that interests me - indie / alternative music keeps disappearing. But I kept donating and volunteering hoping that it would come back around. The staffing issues earlier this year and the way they were handled were enough to keep me from donating at the last marathon. I have not been privy to the changes on the new schedule yet, but based on the comments here, all I can say is that if they now get rid of Sonic Detour and / or Saturday Asylum, I will no longer be interested in having any part of the station. The news budget appears to be a huge cost to the station between staff and paying for programming. Volunteer dj's dedicating their time every week to prepare and do a show is FREE to the station and is what has kept the DIY nature of the station alive. It will be a very sad day if you eliminate still more of the music. I hope you enjoy listening to yourselves because you will lose a lot of listeners.

News and Public Affairs Radio

For those who are concerned about losing those news and public affairs shows that you love -- check out this program schedule--- and it can be tweeked to your heart's content AND you can still support your favorite station. Us music lovers don't have that option available.

It's the music, ...

Lately this world seems so nasty. One of the few things that helps my mood is the music on WMNF as I am commuting. Please do not replace the morning music show or sonic detour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If WMNF doesn't care about the music, I don't care about WMNF.

don't change a thing!

I have been a supporter since the early 80's and WMNF has been a wonderful part of my life in the area' with its great music, public affairs and news. It is hard for me to believe that you want to change or do away some of your best and most popular programs (according the above comments). Why would change what works so well for so many of your listeners? The morning show is a marvel as is; Democracy now is at the right time, when most of are free to listen; the majority of your listeners are probably women many of whom work and you want to change from Saturday when most of us can tune in and cut a so well researched, expertly presented, loaded with important information program from 2 to 1 hour! What is happening to WNMF? You speak of new and improved schedule, for whom? Your station is one of the few things that keep me here. Please, DO NOT MAKE THESE CHANGES.