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Wills Seminar Saturday November 13th 11AM At WMNF

gene about over 4 years ago

Did you know that as many as 60 % of two-million Americans who pass away each year did not have a valid will?

If you have an out-of-date will – or even no will at all – you may be placing your loved ones at serious risk. If you have any questions about a will – and how one would work in your situation – please join us for a free information session with an estate-planning attorney.

This Planned Giving Clinic is Saturday, November 13th, 11 am here at WMNF, 1210 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Tampa, FL, 33603.

Light refreshments will be served and tours provided.

The Sixties Show’s own Phil and Bill will be there, too!

This is a benefit for you as a generous WMNF member! For more information or to make reservations, please contact Membership Coordinator Gene Moore at (813) 865-8264 or e-mail

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