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New time for All Souls in the Afternoon!!

airstudio about over 4 years ago


Join All Souls with your host, Scott Elliott on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 12 PM until 3 PM for its first show in the middle of the week. The new strip is currently being called "It's The Music". There are four other hosts airing in this new strip including Flee, John Palmer, Any Snider & Nell Abram.

On Wednesdays, All Souls will be preceded by Talking Animals hosted by Duncan Strauss and followed by Latino 54 hosted by Franco Silva!!

Share your thoughts on this strip name. And tune into All Souls: Music Of Passion From All Over The Globe, Crossing All Genres!! on WMNF 88.5 FM Community Radio!!!

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New Scheduling

It was so pleasant to hear Scott start the weekend for us. So sad to see all of the changes at WMNF. I will still listen but probably not as much because of the scheduling against mine. Thanks


When reviewing the programming changes I noticed that All Souls was removed from the Friday slot, and this was a positive IMHO. Unfortunately, I later read where it was moved to Wed. and extended to 3 hours. Gawdawful. My listening time to WMNF has been drastically reduced due to your changes. Since migrating here in 2004 I found yur station to provide the best music I'd ever heard on any station. Very sorry to see the changes.

Pulease, Ed!!

I think we have seen enough of this Ed person's bellyaching about the changes, especially about All Souls! Have someone change your diaper, you big baby!! What a racist!! All Souls rocks and is one of the few saving graces of this station. And you know it!!! I want my Catwalk!!!

all souls is an example of sucky music

all souls is a prime example of sucky music. wmnf should play what the majority wants AND PAYS FOR i sincerely doubt ANYONE is paying for this crap


Ed is an idiot!! Does he even know how hard these people work and volunteer thaier services to put togetther these show just to be put down by rednecks like Ed? Jerk!! I am a little nervous about the changes myself and find them not to be very convenient to my schedule, but I am not attacking volunteer programmers for this. Learn to have some class, Ed!!! And I also like All Souls!!

Actually, Jan...

I received pledges every week from many generous listener/supportes every week when I am on the air. That's all I will say. Except I am sorry my show is not your taste. This is Community Radio for ALL people and we believe in being respectful, Jan. Just sayin'.


Bruce, if I don't like the music or the show, that makes me a racist?? That speaks volumes. No wonder this show is being downsized

Suggestions...or just complaining?

I'm noticing that a couple of you have made a point to comment on how bad or "sucky" the music is on this show. Yet, you failed to mention what you would rather hear. I guess that just begs the question..What is the point? This was just a casual blog to notify those of the new time that listen and enjoy Scott's show. I can only hope that adults can be mature enough to respect that. But then again, the internet provides a haven for them to act like children anonymously.