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On San Francisco Democrats

Mitch Perry about about 7 years ago

I've barely had the time or opportunity to 'blog a post' as it were, what with my regular duties on the radio.

However, since this whole Barack Obama in San Francisco'bitter' commments went viral virtually exactly a week ago today (I write this at 5PM Eastern time on Friday, the 18th), I wanted to tell you my thoughts.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a San Francisco native. I'm not going to use Jean Kirkpatrick's choice description uttered in 1984 as a "San Francisco Democrat", but you get the idea.

As everybody who's been following the saga knows, (or so the pundits say), Obama's comments were really bad, in terms of making him appear elitist, if not a bad sociologist.

But the kicker always is: And they were made in San Francisco! To limousine liberals, too boot!

What's with all the hate, people? I think it's jealousy, quite frankly. If the comments were made in private in say, Des Moines?

But everybody thinks Obama wouldn't say something like he did in Des Moines. Which may or may not be true. This WAS a private fundraiser - no media allowed.

I've had some discussions with (mostly) Obama supporters who passionately defend his comments. But I believe it was the single most destructive thing that he's done in the race so far. Of course, it may not hurt him at all politically.

People in SF thought Jeanne Kirkpatrick's line was homophobic - even though she said it immediately after the '84 Walter Mondale _Gerry Ferraro convention. The line has stuck. It's code for not just gays, but liberalism run amok.

It's also one of the greatest cities in teh country, if not the world. But just like the 1988 election made liberals run away from being called..., er, liberal, "San Francisco Democrats", is supposed to be the ultimate in decadence and elitism.

Folks, y'all should take a vacation out there when you get the chance. It's a little cold in the summer time, but if you go, I think you'll realize it's pretty lame to use it as an epitaph of liberalism...Or excuse me, progressivism.

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I'm 84 years old and in my opinion, if a Democrat is elected president, we are in deep trouble. If you think life is bad now, baby you ain't seen nothing yet!!!