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Heatwave: The Reviews

Matt Cowley about about 7 years ago

Amanda Shaw in Creative Loafing:

Shaw’s poise, charisma, and chops belie her age. Then again, she’s been performing in public for a decade, and it showed Saturday. Backed by her superb, ironically dubbed “Cute Guys” band — guitarist Brint Anderson, bassist Ronnie Falgout and drummer Mike Barras are all middle-aged and didn’t appear too concerned about their looks — Shaw elated the crowd with her singular brand of Cajun-flavored roots rock.

"The music makes you cry and then brings you right back up again. That's what music is supposed to do - evoke emotion. Where do you find that? Here," Vestey said. "This thing is phenomenal."

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Only caught a few minutes of her engaging style. If emotion translated into music is meaningful, she's got it....


CASTELIO BAND? I really should know it, did buy a couple of thier Cd's, but these 2 brothers put out riffs that Santana & Eldemanio (spp.wrong)just could not repeat. AS retired music producer, I've never heard anything like it, the energy puts even Mick to sidelines! Shame, the poor quality CD's, that can be fixed, wish we had Tropical heat wave twice a yr

those brothers

The name of the band is Del Castillo, and they're out of Austin Texas. These guys are the best thing I've seen in many years, and for my money they were the top act at Heatwave this year.

Hoots and Hellmouth

They were the bomb! They had the energy,stage presence,and musical prowess to be one of the hits at Heatwave that they were!

Win Win Winter

Anyone else catch Win Win Winters set?? Amazing stage performers. I've never seen so many people crammed into New World. Those guys really owned the night there if you ask me.