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All Animal Tunes on Nov. 3 Weds Sonic Detour--Seeking Animal Song Suggestions

Duncan Strauss about over 4 years ago


We're going to present an all-animal song edition of the Wednesday Sonic Detour on Nov. 3, 4-6pm.

Why? Gosh, a few reasons: It's's been more than six months since the last time we did's a pretty informal way to acknowledge that November marks the five-year anniversary since "Talking Animals" first hit the WMNF airwaves; Nov. 9, 2005, to be precise. (I launched the program in California--as a weekly, hourlong show--2 1/2 years earlier.)

We'd love to hear your animal song suggestions. Sure, things like "At The Zoo," "Blackbird," "Wild Horses," & "Elephant Talk" are dandy--we get those suggestions every time, and we've played them a bunch. Still, it might be even more fun to receive some other, less expected ideas that we could mix in with the old faves--but any & all suggestions are welcome and much appreciated. Thank you!


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Primus "Tommy the Cat"

animal dude

Hey Duncan, how about "The Shrimp Song" by Frank Black?

Sing it...

"Dead Skunk" by Loudon Wainwright "A Horse With No Name" by America "Flattening Frogs for Snakes" by Sonny Boy Williamson

animal songs

Anything off the Pink Floyd album Animals!

Talking Animals guy

These are all terrific suggestions! Thanks, folks! Keep those cards & letters coming, everyone.... And for something very new--hot off the proverbial presses--I certainly plan to play, appropriately enough, "Talkin To The Animals" by Sandy Atkinson from her just-released CD, "Sandy Atkinson & The True Loves."

Groove with them

Pink Floyd from Ummagumma: Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

Talking Animals guy

Howdy, Sean & Ted: Thanks a lot for the Pink Floyd suggestions. Of course, another great animal tune from PF is "Lucifer Sam," which we've played a few times when doing the all animal tune thang. Maybe again tomorow...

Smelly Cat

from Friends show

anamal songs

Chuck Prophet What makes the Monkey dance. Monkey in the middle.

Scared little bunny

Michell Shocked-Dont ask

Jackie written by Annie Ross

JACKIE Lambert, Hendricks & Ross from album "The Swingers" 1959- by way of Annie Ross/Wardell Gray/Hampton Hawes. Vocalese, story of a mouse observing a Greenwich Village jazz jam. sorry I don't remember all the mythology behind it anymore--


"Bungle in the Jungle" by Jethro Tull anything off "Cats" "barracuda" by Heart "octopus garden" by the Beatles

PICK ME TO BE THE ONE This is a song about Homeless Dogs in a Shelter trying to be Noticed and Adopted. Barry