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cowley about about 4 years ago


As of 2:30 this morning, Wednesday, Feb. 23, WMNF is on our tower's new antenna and back at full power.

If you've been having trouble picking us up the last few weeks, reception should be back to normal, or even slightly improved.

If your reception has improved, please let us know. Or if you're having trouble, be sure and let us know. You can call 813-238-8001 x 122, or email

Our many thanks to American Tower and their hard-working tower crew and engineers, who made the transition as easy as possible.

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Or as I want to sing - Alleluia!!!

That is so awesome!

congratulations on the great news! When Randy mentioned that folks in Indian River County could pick up WMNF, I was blown away! We as listeners and volunteers will have to tell our peeps in far flung places away from Tampa to try and tune in.


Great! I'm on my way from S Florida up to Brooksville this morning. Can't wait to see how far north the signal now reaches.

Such Great News!

WMNF, you've been missed badly in Sarasota...our mornings have been far too serious lately - filled with news and such. So we were thrilled when we turned to 'mnf this morning - just to check to see if we could get your signal and heard music from 88.5 - YAY! Big YAY! :) Kate & Gary