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Bands Performing (Animal Songs!) At Talking Animals Festival Announced

Duncan Strauss about over 4 years ago


We're thrilled to announce the line-up of bands slated to perform animal songs at the second Talking Animals Festival--April 3, at Lowry Park (next door to the Zoo), 10am 4pm--with music traversing genres from Americana to ska, from folk to funk.

The Festival is FREE to attend, and everyone's invited, including dogs on leashes. The dozen acts who will play animal songs--both originals and covers--on the Lowry Park Band Shell Stage are:

Ronny Elliott (Folk) The Sandy Atkinson Band (Blues) Bird Street Players (Funk/R&B) Sons of Hippies (Alternative) Lauris Vidal & Kelley McCrae (Indie-Folk) Rayzilla's PBS (World/Experimental) Dog Peter Pat [Pete Gallagher & band] (Folk) Tribal Style (Reggae) The Sun Society (Folk-Pop) Damon Fowler (Solo-Acoustic Blues) The Dirty Spoons & Trash Revue [Judy Tampa & Bunko Squad + Natty Moss Bond & Friends...] (Folk-Rock-Americana) Magadog (Ska)

The Talking Animals Festival will also feature vendors & tablers, pet adoption, food, speakers, contests, silent auction & raffle, etc.--including $10 Microchipping, Free Healthy Weight Check-Ups, Free Yoga Classes For Kids, and more!

For more information--and to download applications to table or be a vendor at the Festival--please visit Or e-mail Thanks!

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Great lineup, great price

Last year was such a great day that I've been looking forward to this one ever since.

Talking Animals

Hey, thanks, Eddie. Of course, we're hoping this one will be at least as great!

song question

line-up looks great-these are some of my favorite bands. what do you mean by animal songs?

Talking Animals

I agree--it really IS a great line-up, the product of collaborating with the ever-fabulous Flee. As for what we mean by animal songs, at last year's Talking Animals Festival it ran the gamut from "Talk To The Animals" & Beatles tunes, to "Boris The Spider" & "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," to several terrific original animal songs, etc. It's a lot of fun!