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Do you have a WMNF Bumper Sticker on YOUR vehicle??

missjulie about about 5 years ago


Do you have a WMNF Bumper Sticker on YOUR vehicle??

We can mail you a Radio Active or Real News Bumper Sticker (rectangular & sticky) or Window Cling (vinyl circle & removable), if you send an e-mail to or call 813-238-8001 ext 100. Just let us know your preference & the street address to send it to...or stop by WMNF 88.5FM, Mon - Fri ~ 9am - 5pm, to get your hands on one!!

Show the love you have for YOUR RADIO STATION to the whole Bay Area & everywhere you drive...

P.S. ~ Window Clings are great for business windows & glass doors.

Note: Please don't add put your address in the comments; Send us an email instead! Thanks

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Bumper Stickers

I have had WMNF Bumper Stickers and window stickers on my vehicles for over 5 years now. I have two bumper stickers (one "Real News" and one "Radioactive") and two window decals on my vehicle so that any angle that you look at my vehicle from, it visually promotes WMNF. Yes! My land vehicle is a WMNF publicity source, moving or stationary. I recommend this method to publicize WMNF. EIther you support the station or you don't. If you do, then do what you can to benefit the station. This method is easy and free. Just do it! Plus, it is great when you are in traffic and see another vehicle with a WMNF sticker or decal and you can pull ahead of the other vehicle and show your WMNF stickers or decals and wave or simply have the satisfaction of knowing about another WMNF listener and supporter. Cool. Do it.

Bumper Stickers

L have a sticker on my old Subaru wagon. I am proud to support the station and feel like I have an 'instant' friend when I see others get into their WMNF stickered vehicle.

WMNF Bumper Stickers

I'm proud to sport my "Radio Active" WMNF bumper sticker too. It's a great way to advertise the station every day. I think it would be a great idea to have a new "Circle Of Friends" sticker to put on your car when you join.

Development Director

Thanks to all for your RadioActivistm! Kat, please email me at and I will send you a Circle of Friends sticker. You should have received one when you joined. Laura Taylor

Always have, always will!

Its a joy to see WMNF stickers on the roads and highways of the bay area. I occasionally honk or wave but don't want to distract other drivers. And everybody w/a WMNF sticker is always so polite & safe on the road :-)} When my brother visits from Philly he's amazed at how many WMNF stickers he sees. He says NO station in Philly enjoys that much grass roots public support.

Bumper Stickers

I have had both NEWS and Radio activist stickers but my fav is the rare Underground Circus one.

Part of the Cling-On Clan....

I love my circular cling-on, but would love another to promote the station from the other side of my car.Keep up the great work!

SkunkBus of South Kakalaki

Our 1951 GMC 4103 FEST-TOUR-BUS(Based in Greer, SC)always displays WMNF bumper stickers - we get them at Mitch's RiverHawk and StringBreak Fests!

Dear Radio representative: I love your station. Would you please send me at least six of your vinyl bumper stickers to me today at: Daniel Sheibani Davidson 10787 Wilshire Blvd. #502 Los Angeles, CA 90024 Thanks and happy holidays, Daniel

Can you send me a bumper sticker ? Plzz

Can you send me a bumper sticker at 1247 s st spruce montebello C.A 90640 plzz