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Frank Lloyd Wright Drama on The Source

cowley about almost 5 years ago


This Sunday, June 6 from 7-9 p.m. on The Source, tune in for "Work Song," a drama about the life of famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

In this thrilling and imaginative play by Jeffrey Hatcher and Eric Simonson, audiences get an in-depth look at the master builder at three distinct phases of his life and career. Here in Tampa Bay, we're near the campus of Florida Southern College in Lakeland, the largest single-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in the world.

In Act One, we see Wright as a young man in a hurry to change the way people live and finding inspiration in Mamah Cheney, a unconventional married woman who becomes the great love of his life and leads to his greatest tragedy.

In Act Two, he's a doubting genius at the crossroads, fending off creditors and reeling in clients before he salvages himself by coming up with one of his greatest creations, the house called "Fallingwater."

And in Act Three, Wright's an old showman at twilight, visiting a house from his past and taking stock of his sacrifices and successes in his quest to build the perfect dwelling.

WORK SONG is about Wright's ideas, his passions, his love affairs and his tragedies. It's a play about a man who wanted to create the perfect home for the American family but could never build one for himself.

Don't miss L.A. Theatre Works' stunning rendition this Sunday night on The Source.

Sunday, June 6

7-9 p.m.

88.5 HD3 on your digital radio

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