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Gaslight Park is not barricaded

Sean Kinane about over 3 years ago


Last night Occupy Tampa sent out a press release saying

"This evening, the Tampa Police Department barricaded a three-block diameter around Lykes Gaslight Park, where the Tampa Bay General Assembly (TBGA) plans to assemble tomorrow in downtown Tampa.

"All federal and state buildings have been blocked off in early anticipation for the largest social activist gathering in Florida in over a decade. ..."

But ...

There are no barricades around Gaslight Park.

Here are some photos.

Here's video:

The entrances of some buildings nearby have barricades, but the streets and sidewalks remain clear. Here's dark video of the barricades at the entrance of the Federal Building on Florida Ave. as of 10:45 Wednesday night:

We'll continue to bring you full coverage of Occupy Tampa today and beyond.

Here's our previous coverage.

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