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GOP Chair Reince Priebus Says Party will Stand Pat On Penalizing Florida Delegation

Rob Lorei about over 3 years ago

Speaking to reporters this afternoon at the walk-through at the site of the 2012 GOP Presidential Convention, Chairman Reince Priebus said Florida Republicans will be penalized for their decision to move up the presidential primary to January 31st.

Florida will lose half its delegates, Republican National Committee Chairman Priebus told reporters gathered at the St. Petersburg Times Forum.

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We deserve our fates

Anyone who could still vote Teapublibot after the flat-earther level of willful stupidity recently on naked, proud, breast-beating display deserves to suffer their fate. Too bad they'll drag the rest of us down with them. They should be hospitalized for their own protection (and for ours). Ranch Prevert is a prime candidate for protective custody: cutting his own, delegates to spite his members. Lunacy.

Who is this?

Prince Reebus?