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Here' the video attacking Mitt Romney WHEN BAIN CAME TO TOWN

Rob Lorei about over 3 years ago

What do you think? Is this likely to help or hurt Romney? Please watch the video and post a comment.

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Newt: You go Girl!

Expect to get attacked for this by the great unwashed who listen to the station and write in, but never contribute. Oh yeah, isn't that because they don't have jobs? Very well done. Of course, Newt's trying to distance himself now. But I think that's because the leader of the GOP, a fat lard bucket of a radio host is mad at him now.

Bain's bane

Yeah, the company put pressure on Newt and he caved. Makes it obvious who the puppet and the puppeteer is! We're voting for the next Zaphod Beeblebrox -- if only the worse thing he'd do is steal an expensive one-of-a-kind spaceship!


I'm confused... the last time, Romney was beat-out by McCain... who was then beat-out by Obama!!! WHY... on Gods green earth... would the GOP send in a SCRUB to try to beat the "champion" that beat the 1st string Quarterback in the last game??? If Mitt gets the nod to go in... Maybe Marco will run against Barack in the 2016 election!!!


Bill Clinton (the Dims)... Supports Changing 22nd Amendment on Presidential Term Limits.... " "