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cowley about over 4 years ago


If you're having trouble picking up our signal, nothing's wrong with our transmitter - we're just broadcasting at low power because of work being done on our antenna tower.

We have to broadcast at low power while the antenna work is being done. The signal is as strong as we can make it right now.

We know that many listeners will have trouble picking us up, or might not be able to tune in 88.5 at all for a few weeks. We're very sorry about that, and we hope you'll be patient. The truth is that we're lucky to be broadcasting at all, and that's thanks to the kind loan of this temporary lower-power antenna, because the station couldn't afford to buy or rent one.

In the meantime, we hope you can tune in to our live webstream. And you can listen to any music show from this week on our web archives. Or find any local news or public affairs show on our podcasts.

We expect the work to take two to three weeks to complete, but nothing is certain. Hopefully, our signal will improve a bit in areas where reception has traditionally been poor.

If you have questions, you can send a note to

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Bad Timing

Wow. At a time when the program changes have scores of us "old timers" tuning elsewhere, this couldn't have come at a worse moment. Good luck getting pledges next time. I will certainly be withholding my usual $100 - $200 pledge in protest of the "mainstreaming" of what used to the "The Best Little Radio Station on the Planet". R.I.P.

Sounds the same to me

I can hear fine in Odessa, near the race track. Sounds the same as always.

low power

i was forced to hook my pc up to my pa system rather than listen on my house stereo. aint that just a shame? rock on guys oh, im in largo


Good riddance!!1 I will replace your $100-$200 with a pledge, then. Who needs you as you turn your back on one of the last vestiges of true news and entertainment!! Bye!!

Deep pockets?

I doubt that you have enough $$$, Elana, to pick up the ball for all the dis-satisfied ex-pledgers. And BTW, who turned who's back on whom??

Low Power

Who cares if you can't get the signal anymore. I usually get to listen while I'm at work, but today I was not allowed to. Except for the background noise, I didn't miss it.

Low Power?

No change in signal strength here in Holiday- complete with RDS and occasional HD of backside of my antenna!

Antenna/Transmitter work

Folks- Will this work on the antenna/transmitter result in a stronger signal? In Zephyrhills, I can get normal MNF pretty good but the HD3 (source) signal was very weak and basically unlistenable even before the power reduction.


Hightower? Not! Let's get it on. Send me some kinda signal in airwave deprived Clermont, FL. Radio LuxuMNF...come in.

Antenna Questions

Thanks very much for letting us know how the signal is, while we're at low power. We're glad most areas can pick us up pretty well. Our hope is that when we're back at full power on the new antenna, reception of our regular FM signal will improve in areas of Tampa Bay that have had trouble picking up 88.5. We've also applied for a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, to purchase a stronger digital transmitter. That new transmitter will strengthen the digital broadcasts of Bulls Radio and The Source. Our current transmitter just isn't strong enough to boost those signals as much as the FCC allows. But the new transmitter should be an improvement for HD2 and HD3 listeners throughout the area. Unfortunately, Clermont is far past our FCC listening radius, and we've heard for years from listeners who miss us there. You can try tuning in online at, but sadly our radio broadcast will probably never get that far. Thanks so much for listening.