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Is Federal Spending Really Out Of Control? Look at the chart contained in this link.

Rob Lorei about almost 4 years ago

What do you think about the case made in this article?

Rob Lorei

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Tax the elite

I am trying my best not to become a cynical old fart in old age, if you call 51 old age. But the brainwashing of our country in the name of "what's best for the country" is sickening. We need less spending now, like we need a hole in the head. People losing their houses, jobs and eating the cheapest food they can find, are not free. We need smart spending i.e. in education to help the masses, not less taxes for the multi-nationals. We had a balanced budget in 2001, and then Bush decided he had to spend 1 billion dollars a day in Iraq. Afghanistan is 10 billion per month; Libya is 300 million per month! Why is defense not in the austerity discussions? Wages have decreased over the last decade thanks to our free trade polices with un-developed nations and CEOs who farm our jobs out to these countries are making millions, as is Wall Street. Spreading the wealth in the name of the public good is American, so we can afford public programs that has made our country great i.e. LBJs Great Society programs. Dog eat dog with a growing wage gap and poor in the streets is not American. It's time for the people to start demonstrating our ........ cynicism?, concerns for the country. For the Tampa area the WMNF web site would be a place to ogranize. They've already lost their government support.


According to… in 2001 our “Public Debt Per Person” was $11,240.00… In 2006 our “Public Debt Per Person” was $16,580.00… and today the “Public Debt Per Person” is $32,580.00. Our population in 2001 was 285M, in 2006 it was 300M and today its 310M!!! So YES... Federal spending is out of control!!!


Correction… in 2006 the “Public Debt Per Person” was only $16,190.00… but yall get the point.

Who knew...

By-the-way… it didn’t leave the $16,000's until 2008 when it jumped to $19,000. Go figure…


Federal DEFENSE spending is out of control. Period.

Obama was quick!

Dang, it jumped in 2008?! If your point is it's bec. he took office - good critical thinking skills. And though the title said, "Federal Spending", the article specified non-military discretionary, and pointed out that it wasn't, yet that's what's trying to be cut. And that it's not just spending that's created this scenario, but lack of revenue. Yet let's not raise that. Novel idea, to read the article...

YES... Federal spending is out of control!!!

Dude... I just answered the question "Is Federal Spending Really Out Of Control?" Are you saying that Rob asked the wrong question with the data that was presented??? Or... are you saying he presented the wrong data to obtain a desired answer for the question that was asked??? Hmmmm... Interesting perspectives… I like your critical thinking skills.

Is spending out of control, or is revenue spiralin

Democrats and Republicans agree that we cannot continue to borrow money to pay our debts. Republicans want to cut government provided services to the poor, needy, old, sick, and the general good of the masses. Democrats would rather return tax levels to the preBush tax era, when the budget WAS balanced. We don't have a spending problem, we have a collecting problem. The term "Balanced Budget" can be solved in two ways: Cut services (Republican's solution) or close tax loopholes. Why should a laborer pay 25% income tax on his paycheck from labor, while someone who sits on his butt collecting dividends from Wall Street only pays 15% - before deductions. Why should I pay Social Security and Medicare tax on 100% of my income while others only can earn hundreds of thousands, even millions and billions of dollars and only pay tax on the first $106,000?

The tax code is BROKEN... SCRAP IT!!!

Why should “you” pay Social Security and Medicare tax on 100% of your income while others don’t??? IT'S THE LAW!!! Scrap the tax code and implement a “Fare Tax” system…

Fair Tax Revealed

I'm not opposed to the so-called "fair tax"; let's start with Social Security and Medicare. Everybody pay the same percent tax on 100% of their income. Watch the "fair tax" proponents cry foul, and ask yourself why. The fair tax plan is to make sure the working classes get less of any breaks, while the upper classes will take more exclusions for themselves because they think themselves more "worthy".

Noooo... you're talkin about a "Flat Tax"

I think what you’re describing is a “Flat Tax”… where everyone who pays an income tax will pay the same percentage on 100% of their reported income… with all loopholes (deductions) removed. The problem is… those who do not pay income tax today will not be paying income tax under a flat tax system either!!! Unfortunately not all income gets reported… such as income paid under the table… income made from gambling, prostitution, drugs… and other “cash only” vendors, suppliers and businesses. A “Fair Tax” would eliminate the personal income tax… and would replace it with a “consumption tax” on everything (with the exception of food & medicine)!!! By placing a “consumption tax” on everything… everyone will be paying their fair share to the guvment… no matter how they make their “income”!!! The nice thing about a “Fair Tax” is that it can also be a variable tax… based on the product type being taxed. For instance… food & medicine at 0%... clothing and other “staples” at 8%... durable goods at 12%... alcohol, tobacco and firearms at 20%... and luxury goods at 25%!!! Even categories such as homes could be divided into different levels of taxation. “Primary resident” homes could be taxed at 1% for every $100,000 (progressive) of the taxable value at the time of purchase. A home with a tax value of $125,000 would pay 125k x 1.25% (0.0125) = $1,562… where as a home with a tax value of $528,000 (at the time of purchase) would pay 528k x 5.28% (0.0528) = $27,878 when purchased!!! Basically… EVERYONE pays their fair share of taxes based on their spending habits… NOT on how much income gets “reported”!!! The trick is who gets to decide on… how much and on what!!! I mean… some folks would like to see “fast foods” like a McMuff burger, large fries & soda taxed like alcohol, tobacco and firearms at 20%... just because it’s “bad” for you.

Why Bother Calling?

Is it just me or is Rob Lorei more argumentative with call-in show callers than ever before? If you don't agree with Rob, don't bother calling. Either he will argue with you or end your call.

its not just u

its not just u




We don't pay for Fox... we pay for WMNF!!! Got yer head out yet???