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Link to Atlantic Magazine chart on Budget Deficit

Rob Lorei about almost 4 years ago

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today's show

Today's show with Rob Lori was FABULOUS as he started the conversation with the mis truths spoken about the deficit and the actual figures albeit the first caller did not quite get the war percentage of it. It is amazing how many people think this administration is at fault for PRIOR spending and entitlements.. I seriously cannot understand why. The facts are clear but when did factual information play a role in governing anyway sometimes.. Great Job Rob on setting the record straight. I am passing it on!


During all of this debt talk why is there always a turnback to Bush and 'he' seemed to cause all of this. Pointing the finger of blame of the past doesn't solve the issue. Dealing with it TODAY and getting it done is where it starts, right?


In order to fix the debt problem, we need to understand what caused it. Some say it was caused by tax breaks and wars. Some say it was caused by Social Security and medicare, and bad mortgages. We need to know what the best answer is to that question. If the problem was caused by tax breaks and wars, then to fix it we need to reverse the tax breaks and stop the wars. If the problem was caused by entitlements, we need to reverse the entitlements. To me it seems perfectly logical that in order get back on the right track, we need to know where we took the wrong turn. Doing that might feel like assessing blame, but to me it feels like the only way to figure it out.


BB is right that we need to identify the REAL problems in order to fix them. We can't just ignore how and why we got to the sorry state that we're in. Also, Bush and his gang should be held accountable for what they did - laws were broken, crimes committed, and real people's lives have been destroyed. Of course, the current administration must also be held responsible for their actions too. And so far, Obama has demonstrated (despite his great speeches!) that he is not functioning in the best interest of the people. He continues to carry on the decades old tradition of American corporate controlled government, designed to enrich the few at the expense of the masses.